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This page aims at giving a comprehensive description of the DreamLover 2000's basic feature: a trans-penile conditioning current pulse designed to keep your male under full control and exert long lasting psychological changes with push-button ease. It also introduces the DreamLover 2000 training philosophy, with a brief excursus on the differences between superficial and deep conditioning.

Pulse design

The DreamLover 2000's pulse was designed with these parameters in mind:

  • Physically as well as psychologically effective. It must strike at the true focal point of the male's psyche (right between the scrotum and the glans) and create a psychological "state break".

    "You are correct about the different sensations between a pulsed vs. constant voltage. I experimented a bit with 2-9v batteries in series, giving 18 volts, through a momentary switch. As you said, this yields a completely different sensation and can really get your attention."
    -- HalJ

  • Humane. It must not be too strong, or a form of torture, but simply aversive. All residual sensations must immediately vanish after the stimulus leaving no residual discomfort.
  • Safe: that is, as safe as electricity flowing through the human body can be - and at least as safe as mainstream electrostimulation equipment such as TENS units. It must not stress the epidermis, provoke redness, or cause cumulative damage at the electrodes' contact area
  • Always available. In order for positive punishment to be effective it must be instantaneous. Therefore, delivery must be maintenance-free; the electrodes they must not require itchy adhesives, frequent replacement, or constant application of gels

Unlike electric dog collars or generic e-stim equipment, the DreamLover 2000's electric pulse was designed for, and extensively tested on, the anatomy of the human male. The DreamLover 2000 differs from other e-stim equipment, because its electrical pulse was designed for behavior control and not continuous stimulation. Miniaturization and the possibility for continuous wear are design objectives that have no counterpart in any other product on the market.

The unique DreamLover 2000 pulse feels similar to an impact rather than an annoying/burning sensation. This is because its pulse and electrode characteristics are quite unlike those of other electrical stimulation devices.

Deep research into trans-penile current delivery resulted in AC and DC components, voltage, current, electrode size and positioning that are highly optimized for this application. The result is a true slap-at-a-distance feeling which can be delivered at different intensities. The best way to describe how the DreamLover 2000's pulse feels is to imagine receiving a sudden slap in the face without forewarning. It's a state break, it's more surprising than painful, and it definitely is aversive.

Pulse strength

"To any doubters out there, I can now confirm that even on Low you WILL behave. Single pulses will get your attention and you won't ignore a timed sequence punishment, even on Low. I haven't dared to try Medium at all now."
-- Anode

"The technique DL uses is quite effective in grabbing your attention and persuading you to be a good boy. "
-- Q

An aversive stimulus does not need to be exceedingly painful in order to achieve long term behavioral changes. The DreamLover 2000's default pulse intensities are aversive but far in strength from being able to cause any visible tissue damage. The electrodes' surface area and mounting angle create fairly large contact points, so the pulse is spread out across a wider area and has not been observed to cause any redness.

The default settings for the DreamLover 2000's pulses can be characterized as follows:

  • Low level: Warn
  • Medium level: Condition
  • High level: Condition faster (repeated activation: Subdue)

But how strong do they really feel? The medium and high level pulses possess sufficient intensity to cause a cooperative and willing test subject to display considerable hesitation when attempting to activate the "trigger" button for testing purposes. Which leads us to a short discussion of our pulse's effectiveness.

Pulse effectiveness and observed neuroplasticity

The DreamLover 2000 is not a "toy" in the pejorative sense of something that only hints at the function it is supposed to achieve. The device is based on sound science and Operant Conditioning principles, and - though it is not legally considered a medical device nor in need of FDA approval to treat a specific recognized condition - it is a full-time wearable device and it was designed and built for effectiveness, safety, reliability and durability. In other words, with the precision and care that usually goes into the manufacturing of miniaturized implants and other sensitive medical devices. In a way, if we acknowledge that a male's erogenous anatomical parts are an integral part of his psyche, the DreamLover 2000 could be considered analogous to an external brain implant, or a permanently installed "obedience prosthesis".

Test subjects sometimes find it surprising or even amusing to realize that even though they would not classify the DreamLover 2000's pulses as extreme, it quickly becomes difficult to push the trigger button, especially at the medium and high levels. Put more clearly, with any residual sensation having completely vanished immediately after the previous pulse, and after a firm decision has been made to go ahead and test another pulse, the hand just won't respond that well. Using the default high intensity pulse, it can take up to 10-15 seconds for the subject to finally manage to press the button again. Despite this, the subject is not reporting very high levels of pain in relation to the stimulus.

This is evidence of genuine neuroplasticity occurring in response to the DreamLover 2000's pulses. The brain has singled out the pulse as highly salient and established a strong temporal link with the action that produced it. It has consequently negatively biased the behavior, and "reprogrammed itself" to prevent further enactments. In other words, negative connectivity has been created that will discourage the action at lower cognitive levels, and this bias is now beyond the scrutiny and control of the conscious mind.

DC current, large contact area, trans-penile deliverySurprise effect: allocates full attention to the stimulus, primes the brain for saliency
Immediate deliveryHigh strength temporal correlation

The observed effects on involuntary neural "veto" mechanisms attest to the device's potential to yield long lasting psychological changes, bypassing higher cognitive layers and directing its focus right at pre-attentional neural circuitry (we should not be surprised to observe that operant conditioning involves changes at lower cognitive levels, given its effectiveness on all animals).

In our opinion, the most valuable aspect of these neuroplastic effects lies not in how the male will discover an intrinsic psychological barrier when attempting to violate your directions, but in the pre-attentional influence of training on subsequent, compliant opinions and behaviors - behaviors that will seem to have arisen in an entirely spontaneous fashion.

Among the psychological effects of DreamLover 2000 use, it should be added that pulse delivery and automated arousal cycles, with time, are likely to create instinctive associations between arousal and the on-going training process, increasing the male's own investment into the training - a kind of "artificial" natural submissiveness.

Superficial vs deep conditioning

Here is a quick comparison of what true conditioning can mean for your male's training.

AreaUntrained maleTrain the behavior
(superficial conditioning)
Train the decision maker
(deep conditioning)
Passive aggressiveness
Pent up resentment
Poor results
Optimal performance
Anticipates needs
Chores and Training (social occasions)Very reluctant
Wounded ego
Optimal performance
Anticipates needs
Partner's social and romantic lifePossessive
Alternation of resignation and resistance
Feigns acceptance
Eruptions of resentment
Response is unstable
Truly sympathetic
Psychological stance and self imageDoesn't try (my self-worth depends on standing my ground) Tries (ego takes second place, reemerges in some circumstances)Doesn't have to try (my self-worth depends on my performance)

Achieving Deep Conditioning with the DreamLover 2000

Please note that unaided intervention by anyone but the most seasoned expert would yield results from the "superficial conditioning" column in the table above. Simple chastity aids may in some cases advance you into an area slightly beyond superficial conditioning, possibly achieving some of the outcomes in the "deep conditioning" column with a particularly receptive subject.

The only known stable way of reaching a good number or even all of the items on the right-most column is the combination of:

  1. FUEL: Deliberate courtship induction. Sustained orgasm reduction past the withdrawal period and achievement of Maximum Courtship Investment (described in our training articles in conjunction with falling prolactin levels and increased testosterone serum concentration). The DreamLover 2000 arousal inducer automates the process of arousal induction in order to anticipate and stabilize the MCI state.
  2. DIRECTION: Subconscious programming by means of immediate administration of highly salient and temporally correlated positive punishment stimuli in response to an infraction and in accordance with operant conditioning. The DreamLover 2000 pulses are a superb choice in this respect, especially considering the psychological payload intrinsic to trans-penile stimulus delivery.
  3. AUTO-PILOT: Effective association of training investment with arousal, a direct consequence of the simultaneous application of the two methods above, culminating in the male spontaneously enrolling for the DreamLover Courses, thus committing to actively invest in self-training.


An important occasion is coming up and you need to accelerate your male training program to get him ready for that special day. Or, your male has gotten used to his positive punishment routine and the "yes ma'am" button needs to pack a bit more punch. Fortunately, the DreamLover 2000's pulses can be customized through the DL2K-LINK USB interface to match your male's anatomy, tolerance and your training objectives. Full pulse customization documentation is included in our User's Guide and safety mechanisms are built into our software to encourage responsible tweaking of the parameters.

As you increase the level beyond the default settings, a "high" electric pulse with a stronger AC component has been verified to deliver substantially aversive stimuli through the large contact area of our electrodes without damaging tissue or causing redness or itching.

Whether your goal is fine-tuning your male training regimen for practical purposes or enjoying deeper levels of compliance and sacrifice as a diversion or even an aphrodisiac, the DL2K-LINK will allow you to explore the possibilities.

We do not recommend pulse customization to everyone. The default DreamLover 2000 settings are more than sufficient to obtain a male's caring attention and careful compliance, and constitute a definite deterrent against infractions. An out of the box DreamLover 2000 unit with its three default power settings allows training of an ideal husband, boyfriend or "orbiter".

We do recommend customization to women who:

  • Desire quicker results and an accelerated training pace (are more interested in immediate compliance than slow conditioning)
  • Wish to take their partner to the next level of subservience and demand that they carry out aversive activities (and for this reason, need an even more aversive alternative available).
  • Simply wish to experiment, probing and extending their male's limits

With AC pulses longer than a third of a second "stealth" mode is usually not possible, as the male will struggle visibly. At such durations we observe genuine nociception - which magically vanishes when the pulse is terminated, leaving no residual sensation whatsoever. The software includes comprehensive safety guidance. We have limited the maximum power configurable in several ways (total pulse duration, maximum AC repetitions) and it is necessary to pass a safety "mini test" before the pulse customization features are unlocked, to ensure this feature is used responsibly.

Use default settings if:Customize settings if:
He is particularly sensitive (and stay with low or medium power)He has high tolerance
His training has just startedHe has built up a tolerance
He is receptive and trainableHe is hard to train and unresponsive
You emphasize willful complianceYou emphasize immediate compliance
You have plenty of time to train your maleYou are training for a special occasion and time is limited; or, are impatient to see results
You think a male should show devotion through effortYou think a male should also show devotion through endurance
You want his training to be bearable in order to encourage participationParticipation is a given
You are only requiring basic services from your male such as observing good manners and housekeepingYou require dramatic change


Unlike TENS electrodes, the DreamLover 2000's electrodes do not require adhesives or other itchy substances. They also do not require lubricants or conductive gel. They are made of solid, non-toxic stainless steel and good contact is ensured by their location and orientation alone.

The DreamLover 2000's pulse strengths are optimized for the specific electrical resistance of a male's anatomy. Stimulation of any other area, especially low resistance areas such as the rectum, the tongue and the female anatomy must not be attempted under any circumstance.

NEW: metallic chastity device users, uncut users, read this blog post

Device Worn Detector

The DreamLover 2000 Pro is tamper evident. It prevents cheating by sensing the amount of current delivered with each pulse. After every pulse delivered the receiver's LED will report:

  • Device not worn / no contact (red)
  • Electrodes shorted (red)
  • Bad electrode contact (yellow)
  • Good electrode contact (green)

The sensing algorithm is very specific to the male genital anatomy. It is not fooled by a finger or other areas. Proper positioning of the electrodes on the scrotum and around the glans is detected with accuracy. The color signaling accurately reports perceived pulse intensity.

Red and yellow indicators are accompanied by an "error" buzz.

Additionally, when the Pager button is pressed, after delivering the paging sound and tiny pulses, the receiver will report aggregate statistics. These are useful to verify whether the male has previously tampered with the device.

  • Device not worn / no contact at least once (red)
  • Electrodes shorted at least once (red)
  • Bad electrode contact rate equal or greater than 5% (yellow)
  • None of the above (green)

Fail-safe design

Read more about the fail-safe circuit design of our delivery system

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