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The DreamLover 2000's high transparency polycarbonate enclosures (UL certified material) have mirror surface finish. The high shine finish comes from polishing our steel molds with nanometer sized crushed industrial diamonds.

The receiver has a retro sci-fi 3D design and see-through look, with all internals visible. A multicolor LED reflects and refracts within the clear edges of the enclosure to give it a spectacular night look. The remote control has a groovy design with an understated elegance and a see-through outline. It is thin enough to fit into the tighest pocket, and has a double key ON switch to prevent unwanted activation. It also has a hole for inserting a mobile phone strap and carrying your "magic wand" around your neck for quick access.

All rubber molds are sanded to achieve a neat matte finish, and the parts are cast with non-toxic black silicone rubber.

The DreamLover 2000 has so many parts that we've had to create a custom application to aid assembly and sourcing!

Part list

(20 parts set + battery)
1 x Printed circuit board
  • 41 individual digital electronic components
  • One MEMS (Microelectromechanical) 3-axes accelerometer
  • One 2.4 GHz Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) Radio Transceiver. Pseudo Noise Codes and CRC detection make the transmission extremely reliable and safe, with zero false positives, zero false negatives and zero malformed packets detected in 1.5 years
  • Male Management Unit (MMU) loaded with tightly optimized 8192 bytes of Male Management Microcontroller code that can be upgraded wirelessly (all DL2000 features are described elsewhere)
  • Double electrostatic discharge protection circuitry to maximize product life.
  • Optimized for size and battery life: up to 3 months battery life in continuous "listen" mode
  • Pressure based cable mounting and SMD components enable miniaturization.
  • Passed FCC and CE mark testing which include extensive lab safety and electromagnetic compatibility testing as well as certification for sub-parts (circuit board material, lead-free components, battery safety).
1 x Enclosure topContains four overmolded miniature brass inserts individually placed into the mold at injection time. Brass inserts are a hallmark of precision engineering plastic parts, and they give the receiver a lifespan of many years or by allowing screws to fastened tightly and removed an unlimited number of times.
1 x Enclosure bottom and cablingThe specialty high grade, high transparency index silicone cabling is waterproof, durable, non-toxic, and does not support microbiological growth. The cabling is very robustly joined with the enclosure through soldered ring terminals - it cannot be "pulled off" or damaged by pulling. The cabling also has two dual layer heat shrink tubing bits to prevent water from entering the device through the cable through capillary action.
Custom molded waterproofing parts

When the screws are properly fastened and the o-ring is properly positioned, the DL2000 is IP-68 waterproof, which indicates it is impenetrable by dust and rated for immersion under 1 meter of water. Several kinds of custom molded rubber parts are supplied in different shore hardnesses.
1 x Triangular o-ring between the top and bottom halves
2 x Pulse cable grommets
1 x Arousal inducer cable grommet
1 x Closed hole arousal inducer cable grommet to be able to remove the Arousal Inducer if it is not required and preserve waterproofing.
4 x Screw o-rings
1 x Arousal inducer
(DreamLover 2000 Pro only)
A rare, now out of production large diameter flat vibrating motor with enough force to produce arousal. Specialty stores recognize this motor as the largest force to size ratio vibrating motor ever produced. We overmold this hollow, sensitive mechanical part in a multi-step molding process, protecting it with custom metallic parts and specialty potting materials. The result of hundreds of trials and months of R&D efforts in tweaking the molding machines to find the right pressure, temperature and timing. The motor connects to the DL2000 in an entirely waterproof fashion through a micro connector and high transparency silicone cabling.
Others 1 x silicone attachment part with custom rust resistant screws for perfect attachment to CBx000 type devices
2 x custom molded star shaped rubber caps to stabilize cable contact
4 x custom ultra thin screws with ultra wide impact formed head to allow miniaturization and waterproofing.
Ultra-thin remote control
(6 parts set + battery)
1 x Printed circuit board
  • 2.4 GHz Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) Radio Transceiver
  • 25 individual digital electronic components
  • Electrostatic discharge protection circuitry to maximize product life
  • Battery charging through the USB port (any operating system) takes 1-2 hours, charge lasts up to several months
  • Uses very infrequently seen and somewhat rare pink LEDs.
  • Passed FCC and CE mark testing which include extensive lab safety and electromagnetic compatibility testing as well as certification for sub-parts (circuit board material, lead-free components, battery safety).
  • All the DL2000 features and key combinations are described elsewhere.
1 x Enclosure top and bottomSnap fit for easy first-use battery installation
1 x Triple light pipeCosmetic parts positioned above the pink LEDs
1 x OverlayThe result of many iterations with different vendors, a high gloss, high transparency polycarbonate overlay 0.5mm in thickness, professionally screen printed in 6 colors including reflective silver (mirror) ink
2 x Miniature keypads Custom miniature keypads for a total of 10 buttons to access all the DL2000 functionality
Batteries 1 x Receiver battery packCustom battery pack with micro connector, contains a high pulse drain spiral construction type battery usually employed in military applications, lasts up to 3 months depending mostly on vibrating motor usage. The high drain rating allows instantaneous voltage conversion from 3.6V to 26V to administer the pulses. A battery life calculator is included in the software.
1 x Remote control batteryUL certified micro lithium polymer pack, with our energy saving RF circuitry and battery saving algorithms lasts several months.
Others (11 parts) 1 x DL2K-LINKUSB dongle allowing software interaction with the DL2000. Connects to our web male management screen.
1 x Remote USB adapterAllows you to recharge your remote control through a PC's USB port (OS independent - any USB port can be used)
1 x WaistbandThe synthetic fiber waistband does not absorb water. It has holes which can be used to secure it with common chastity device security seals (plastic locks). These are not included in the DL2000. The waistband can be cut to your required size and the edge can be neatly sealed by very briefly heating it using a flame.

The DL2000 electrodes are made of stainless steel. They do not rust, self-clean easily in the shower, and were chosen among tens of alternatives to maximize contact area without needing any further fastening components.
1 x top electrode (4x20x1.5mm rare size stainless steel penny washer)
1 x bottom electrode: s-shaped stainless steel part ensures contact with the scrotum
1 x mini washer: useful for stability and mounting
1 x Clear polycarbonate screw Non-conductive, used for mounting the electrodes
1 x Clear polycarbonate nut Non-conductive, used for mounting the electrodes
1 x User's guide and warranty 63 pages of instructions and pictures
1 x CD-ROMIncludes DL Uplink software to log on to the online Male Management screen, two drivers (DL2K-LINK common mode and firmware upgrade driver), and digital format manuals (Windows only)
CaseDiscreet, branded, sturdy, 230 grams EVA foam case for safely storing your DL2000. Three part custom molded. Interior comfortably accommodates your DL2000's distinctive shape
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