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The DreamLover Mobile App has two main functions:

  • It is an Android version of the DL Uplink application. It allows your male to use his mobile phone to connect to our male management server, with many benefits such as location tracking and SMS command delivery. A DreamLover 2000 Pro Mobile Edition is required, please see the Mobile Edition page to get all the details.
  • It includes conditioning and male training features which will be useful even to users who do not yet own a DreamLover product.

The missing factor

DreamLover 2000 series male management systems provide a quick and effective way to train your male by allowing you to immediately administer a punishment upon an infraction, to a location which strikes right at the core of the male's ego. However, users of our products have asked us to take the ideas set forth in our Male Management Theory section, about identity reframing and psychological restructuring, and turn them into a product. This is our first "trial balloon" to verify whether there is a market for this kind of product, aimed at easing the male's internal psychological struggle as he accepts a more passive and submissive role in the relationship. If the DreamLover 2000 can be seen as an external "obedience prosthesis", then the sort of conditioning we will discuss here is more like an internal solution akin to pharmacological or neurological intervention.

Conditioning Drills

The DreamLover Mobile App includes a "Conditioning" function which we also refer to as "Drills". Drills allow "drilling" specific behaviors directly into your male's subconscious by requiring active verbal repetition. The male is presented with a number of sentences that he must speak out aloud. Sentences can be anything, such as facts he is to remember, or affirmations intended to allow his subconscious to internalize a new role or behavioral pattern. Voice recognition is used to verify that the correct sentence/affirmation has been spoken. Drills are created from this page using any web browser. An Android mobile phone is required in order to take the drills but not to create them.

The use of imagery

Images can be used to aid memorization (in the learning of simple tasks and associations). More interestingly, they can be used as visual stimulation to provide arousal during the task. Activation of pleasure and emotional centers allows the male's subconscious to receive the conditioning with less frontal lobe scrutiny and inhibition, especially so when conditioning is carried out under conditions of protracted sexual abstinence and during a period of maximum courtship investment. It is therefore possible to sexualize specific behaviors and ideas according to DreamLover Labs male training principles described in our theory section.


When defining a drill, an e-mail address or a telephone number can be optionally specified for reporting. If the e-mail address is entered, an e-mail is automatically sent by our system when a drill is completed. If a telephone number is entered, an SMS is sent from the male's mobile when a drill is completed. In order to avoid counterfeit drill completion notices, the SMS includes a web link to verify the integrity of the message. For instance if the drill is scheduled to be taken 3 times a day, you will receive 3 daily notices, and will also be able to know at what time the drills are being taken.

The specified number of daily drills can be exceeded if the male so wishes, giving him a chance to demonstrate superior commitment and obtain your approval.

Additionally, a monthly report card can be viewed from the DL Lounge on a per-male, per-drill basis.


We have found that the early morning right after waking up, mid afternoon during a work pause, and evenings just prior to sleeping are maximally effective for reinforcing required behaviors with minimal time investment. Males with lots of spare time will also find it beneficial to repeat multiple drills many times daily, and those requiring fast psychological adjustment to a new role may benefit from a "conditioning vacation" composed primarily of verbal repetition carried out throughout most of the day. One or two full weeks of non-stop conditioning may have a dramatic effect on the male's psyche. In our experiments, prolonged conditioning throughout the day has been shown to affect dream content, possibly a proof of the subconscious penetration of the messages, and the subconscious adjusting to the new parameters.


Please note: the way in which the sentence is structured greatly affects the effectiveness of the drill. Since the goal is to communicate with the subconscious (which does not understand negatives) always communicate in the positive form. For example, do not use a sentence like "I will not make noise when I do the dishes" but use "I will wash the dishes quietly".

Due to the fact that most male management problems come down to emotional conflict and self-image dissonance within the male, it is always good practice to associate positive emotions with the desired behavior. For example, "When I wash the dishes quietly I know I am doing my job professionally and feel contented and satisfied". The goal is to allow the male's imagination to do all the work and find a way to experience the specified positive feelings when behaving in the manner described. Repeating sentences aloud is key, because it introduces an unavoidable cognitive dissonance if this condition is not met.

Within the scope of our research and the feedback we have received our users, verbal repetition and association with arousal and positive emotions constitute in some instances the only tool which will break through a male's resistance to a particular behavior. This is the case, for instance, when the male must come to terms with the lack of (or end of) exclusivity within the relationship. In many of these cases the only way the male has been able to move forward is by replacing natural feelings of anxiety, loss, sometimes even panic, with well-being, peace and contentment.

Aural reprogramming/hypnosis

The DreamLover Mobile App includes a feature which allows exposing the male to a continuous, uninterrupted stream of verbal programming throughout the day and/or night. An audio file containing the programming material can be recorded and stored on the male's mobile phone by any voice recording application. Then, it is played back in an endless loop. Essentially this is just a simple feature which plays an audio file in a loop, however, we intended to give our users the possibility to program the male while he is at work (provided he is allowed to wear a headset), and therefore we have added some unique safety mechanisms:

  • Audio playback pauses when a call is made or received, and resumes thereafter.
  • Audio playback pauses immediately if the headset is unplugged from the mobile phone.

This allows the male to adopt the new reprogramming routine with confidence in a work environment, without being concerned about privacy. Furthermore, as the male's conscious attention is focused on work tasks, the programming can be absorbed directly by the subconscious in an "unfiltered" manner.

Aside from lowering training time by carrying out reprogramming during his productive work hours, you may wish to experiment to find the most receptive time and conditions for verbal reprogramming to occur in your particular male. Some ideas:

  • Reprogram the male during his sleep
  • Reprogram the male while he is inebriated

Application usage

The app is FREE for all clients who own one of our products. It is not sold separately.

APK download link

First you must allow installation from unknown sources so that you can download the app directly from our website as opposed to Google Play. Check "Unknown sources" from Settings -> Applications (or Settings -> Security). Here's a tutorial from an external site (opens in a new window).

With that done, there are a few methods to get the app:

NO IPHONE! This is an Android only app! Android OS v5.0 or higher is required. This app was tested on a Samsung S6, a Galaxy Note 2 and a Galaxy Tablet; if for any reason we discover incompatibilities with your particular device we will try to fix them or refund your purchase.

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