The Ultimate Chastity Management Solution

  • The only time-lock safe designed for male chastity training and progressive deacclimation
  • Full internet control from any standards-compliant PC or mobile browser
  • Tamper evident: no external fasteners, sturdy construction, unauthorized opening requires time-consuming device destruction
  • Lightweight, portable
  • Integrates with the DreamLover Male Training courses
  • Scriptable / programmable
  • Only 499 EUR

Rugged, easy and practical

  • The ChronoVault boasts an unlimited countdown interval and a long battery life (months)
  • Timed self-open even when disconnected from the USB port (set and forget)
  • Battery charges when the device is connected to the USB port
  • A flat battery does not cause the vault to open; timer resumes normally after plugging in the device
  • A software reset switch is accessible from the outside of the vault. The switch does not open the vault but simply resets the software. The countdown is unaffected
  • No driver installation required

Web functionality

The ChronoVault can be controlled through the internet. Remote operation is crucial for long distance chastity and deacclimation training, and allows you to add/remove days to and from the countdown any time, anywhere, for maximum training efficacy.

A widget can be embedded into any blog to broadcast to the world the current ChronoVault status.

Product design

The DreamLover ChronoVault does not look like a safe, or a box. In fact, it is not a standard safe retrofitted with a timing mechanism. Like the DreamLover 2000, it is a high tech electronic device designed and created specifically for the Male Management market by DreamLover Laboratories.

The ChronoVault was designed to be a conversation starter, and to give you an excuse to brag about your male's latest record setting results!

Its peculiar locking mechanism, driven by a custom manufactured high torque motor, lifts and lowers the dome when the vault is opened or closed, for a dramatic, futuristic effect.


The ChronoVault was designed to allow scripted interactivity from the DL Browser (a special browser inside our DL Uplink application). This means it will be possible for users to program their own timer-extension logic; for example, you could make your male's timer dependent on the performance of his stock portfolio! See the DreamLover 2000 scripting page for more information on DL Browser scripting.


The first DreamLover Male Training course (Domestic Service 101) is now available. The ChronoVault allows you to maximize the effectiveness of our courses by tying the male's efforts and progress to a corresponding increase or decrease in the scheduled ChronoVault time.


Benefits for keyholders

The ChronoVault is a powerful Male Management tool, allowing a variety of training goals to be pursued with confidence and achieved faster than you ever thought possible.

  • Systematically control and harness your male's sexual energy
  • Establish a measurable, trackable "chastity regimen" (orgasm diet)
  • Keep him productive, not re-productive!
  • Maintain a maximum Courtship Investment level from anywhere
  • Substantial and progressive reduction of orgasm seeking behavior and associated possessiveness

Benefits for single males

  • Control energy wasting addictions
  • Reclaim your productive time
  • Have more energy to channel into constructive activities
  • Practice Sex Transmutation
  • Jump-start your training, advertise* your results, and attract a suitable companion
* See widget section

Why another time-lock safe?

The usefulness of time-lock safes for chastity training and management has been limited by several shortcomings:

  • Bulky, heavy
  • Severely limited self-open timer (1 week or less)
  • No internet control
  • Battery management issues leading to the need for emergency keys which compromises security

The ChronoVault was designed to enable medium and long term incremental chastity training, and frees you from concerns such as battery life and limited countdown timers. It's small, lightweight and portable so your male can take it with him - no excuses. There are no external fasteners: unauthorized opening involves completely destroying the thick, sturdy outer shell (and most likely the inner mechanism) of the device, something that will require power tools, time, and definitely won't go unnoticed.

Basic permissions

The DreamLover ChronoVault permission scheme is identical to that of the DreamLover 2000. Every device is paired to a "device owner" (a user registered on our system who will have complete local and remote access to the device's features). This enables safe and secure usage of the device regardless of the presence or absence of a coach/keyholder and the level of trust.

Example 1: Mike purchases a ChronoVault. He does not have a chastity coach but wishes to experiment with the device and self-train. He becomes the device owner and can access all the device's features. *

Example 2: John and his live-in partner Sarah purchase a ChronoVault. Sarah becomes the device owner. When John is on the road he uses the DL Uplink application to connect to our server with his username. Sarah can then see John's profile from the DL Lounge and remotely manage the ChronoVault.

Example 3: Mike (from example 1) finds a chasity coach (Samantha) who agrees to manage his ChronoVault remotely. Although he is the device owner, he assigns ownership of the device temporarily to Samantha. While Samantha is the assignee owner, Mike cannot access the device. After the agreed coaching objectives have been reached, Mike can revoke ownership of the device.

* He uses the "Owner Lock-out" feature to prevent himself from opening the ChronoVault before the scheduled period has elapsed.

Advanced permissions

The DreamLover 2000 User's Guide (included with the DL Uplink free download) contains more information about permissions. In particular, you may be interested in:

  • Allowing multiple users to control one device.
  • The optional (opt-in) Pedigree program, which creates a public but anonymous profile to establish a male's reputation and prevent cheating.

Strength and tamper evidence

The ChronoVault is manufactured using heavy duty engineering plastics in order to keep it lightweight, portable and easy to carry through increasingly common metal detectors, such as those at airports. The ChronoVault's structural strength makes unauthorized opening difficult and time consuming.

The thickness of the outer shell (including the top dome) is several millimeters at any point - much thicker than ordinary household products. Plastic is remarkably strong when sufficiently thick, partly due to its elasticity; just like a surfboard's fin, the ChronoVault's shell cannot be damaged by throwing it, hitting it with a hammer, dropping rocks on it and similar methods. The small, round and concave shape of all its parts further reinforce it.

Although destruction of the device is not impossible, it is a difficult operation. Unauthorized access is impossible to conceal, and even unsuccessful attempts will be evident on the plastic surface.

Q: But my male is a handiman and he has access to all sorts of tools. What if he decides to cut the device open, get the keys, and then purchase a new ChronoVault to hide his unauthorized access?

A: He would have to mess with permissions in order to be able to open/close the new device and then transfer ownership back to you. This would be evident when you log into the DL Lounge, as you would see some system messages reporting the history of the various permission changes carried out.

Because of the factors explained above, the DreamLover ChronoVault is more secure and tamper evident than most chastity devices.

Below is a video showing some of the stress tests carried out.

Supported operating systems

The ChronoVault device must be connected to a Windows computer, but a remote user can manage the device by connecting to our DL Lounge Male Management screens through any browser, running on any computer or web enabled mobile phone, and any operating system.

Technical sheet

Maximum timer interval21 years
Battery life6.9 months (theoretical maximum)
Scripting languageJavascript
Driver typeUSB HID (no driver installation required)
Permission ModelDreamLover standard (device owner / ownership assign and revoke)*

* see DL Uplink documentation
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