DL2K-LINK (DreamLover 2000 USB interface)

It is possible to enjoy the benefits of the DreamLover 2000 from anywhere. The DL2K-LINK allows complete remote control and customization of your Male Management unit.

DL2K-LINK allows training applications running on a PC to interface to the DreamLover 2000's receiver. The new Mobile Edition supports selected Android devices as well - so you can plug the DL2K-LINK directly into the Android device using a supplied USB OTG cable! However, Android connectivity requires USB Host functionality - not all Android devices are supported. Click here to learn how to find out whether your Android device has USB Host or not.


  • Browser based remote oversight of the male through our online male management screen (screenshots | demo)
  • Customize the DL2000 receiver settings, such as pulse timer parameters and silent command meanings, from the local computer
  • Automated male training using customizable, modular courses (PC only)
  • Receive commands via SMS (Mobile Edition only)

Consistent training

Research confirms that enduring compliance requires consistent training. The DL2K-LINK allows remote management of your male, and is especially useful for women whose careers demand long hours and frequent travel or in the context of long-distance male ownership.

Make sure everything is in order before you return home; deliver a remote attitude adjustment or reminder while waiting at the airport. Your absence is no longer an excuse for misdemeanors and diminished output: complete obedience oversight can be yours with the DL2K-LINK.

Remote oversight

It is possible to use the Male Management Panel during a telephone conversation or in combination with an instant messaging system. This scenario appeals to women on the go, who wish to maintain high levels of control when they are away and can only communicate with their males from their hotel room.

It is mandatory to maintain visual and auditory contact with the wearer at all times while operating the DreamLover 2000, especially when the DL2K-LINK is employed for remote management. Please see the safety section of the User's Guide for more information (available in downloads).

Guaranteed male availability

The Virtual Leash mode allows you to confine the male to a specific distance from the RF source. As the male ventures past the selected threshold, the DL2000 will automatically trigger pulses of increasing intensity, until he returns.

Threashold values can be set to confine the male to anywhere between a 1 cubic meter "invisible cage" around the laptop to several hundred meters line of sight (indoors, the DL2K-LINK's range normally covers your whole home and crosses several walls).

If the DL2K-LINK is unplugged the receiver will think it's out of range and start zapping away. This deters the male from unplugging the laptop or the DL2K-LINK. Please note: it is important to connect your computer to a stable power source when this function is activated.

Note: we have listened to your input and enabled the remote control to also transmit leash mode packets. This allows you to confine the male to a perimeter around the remote control, but the transmit power is weaker than that of the DL2K-LINK. The User's Guide explains the differences and the DL Uplink software can guide you through testing the ranges on both devices.

Platform support

The main DL Uplink application is a Windows only application. An Android app exists for Android devices supporting USB Host mode (Mobile Edition only). So what about Mac OS? The DL2K-LINK will work if you run Windows on a Mac PC using Boot Camp. With the Mobile Edition only, it is also possible to use the DL2K-LINK when running Windows on a Mac PC using Parallels/VMWare. When using Mac OS, a genuine copy of Windows must be purchased, installed and made to run on the Mac. We cannot provide assistance of any sort in carrying out this fairly technical task. If you wish to use our products on a Mac computer, learn to run other Windows applications first, or find someone who can help before you order.

Also please note that all compatibility issues refer to the male side. For the person controlling the device remotely, no hardware or special software installation is necessary. Just use any browser, even on an iPhone.

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