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Product contents

The DreamLover 2000 system contains:

  • 1 DreamLover 2000 receiver (20 custom parts)
  • 1 DreamLover 2000 remote control (6 custom parts)
  • 1 set of electrodes and mounting parts
  • 1 overmolded Arousal Inducer (DreamLover 2000 Pro only)
  • 1 DL2K-LINK (USB interface)
  • 1 set of batteries (last for months)
  • 1 USB adapter
  • 1 water-proof waistband
  • 1 sturdy, branded semi-hard case with molded insert to protect and show off your product
  • 5 small, numbered plastic padlocks
  • 1 CD-ROM with drivers, DL Uplink software, a digital searchable version of the User's Guide and the safety video (but please download the latest version of the software and manual from here)
  • Free e-mail, Skype, Telephone support

Flavors, Pricing and ROI

DreamLover 2000 Pro Long term psychological restructuring, professional male training

The DreamLover 2000 Pro is fully packed with all features and components we've built or developed so far! It includes everything in the Lite package, plus:

  • Prevent cheating with the new Penis Detector (more)
  • 3 Arousal Induction timers (high strength vibrating micromotor)
  • Silent commands (configurable vibratory patterns)
  • Extended battery life for maximum male acclimation
  • Maximum online control for experienced remote male training
  • Maximum DL2K-LINK range for leash mode flexibility and to keep your male under control anywhere in the house
  • Longer 2 year warranty
  • Battery calculations for skilled management of your unit
  • PC remote (free wireless remote control for PC apps)
  • Pedigree program, stealth pulses for verifiable male self-training
  • Learn mode: associate up to 4 transmitters to your DreamLover 2000 receiver (many-to-many male training and events)
  • More pulse timers (up to 3)
- Price: $1650 USD -

Mobile Edition

This newest DreamLover 2000 Pro flavor allows ubiquitous access to the DreamLover 2000's male training power.

  • Android support
  • Use mobile data network with wi-fi connection is not available
  • Even send SMS commands to the male's DreamLover 2000 unit
  • Real time GPS tracking

* The Mobile Edition will not work without USB Host support! Does my device have USB Host?

- Price: $2150 USD -

  DreamLover 2000 Lite Ideal entry level male training package * NEW - Market Probe Package *

A test quantity of DreamLover 2000 units has been apportioned to analyze our market and explore our demand curve by temporarily offering a new, slightly less feature rich and more affordable flavor of our flagship product. The DreamLover 2000 Lite represents exceptional value for this 3-year development effort, and is ideal to introduce your male to his new training regimen.

A brief summary of the DreamLover 2000 Lite features:

  • Three customizable pulse levels
  • Pager function
  • Customizable pulse timer (automatic pulse delivery)
  • DL2K-LINK & Online male management
  • Water-proof
  • Advanced functions: Canine mode, Leash mode, Penis Slap Amplifier
  • 1 year warranty
- Price: $1,000 USD -

(Continued availability of this package is subject to market response and is not guaranteed)

Upgrade (Lite to Pro)
$500 USD.
Upgrade (Pro to Pro Mobile Edition)
$500 USD.
Upgrade (Lite to Pro Mobile Edition)
$1050 USD.

* All prices are kept fixed in USD, price in EUR/GBP and other currencies varies with exchange rates.

Male Management Return on Investment: lasting psychological changes and capturing your male's full output potential

You've bought your male a new suit. Now buy him a new attitude! Our value proposition is one of lasting psychological changes and 2 years of guaranteed benefits

The DreamLover 2000 is not a "toy" in the pejorative sense of something that only hints at the function it is supposed to achieve. The device is based on sound science and Operant Conditioning principles, and - though it is not legally considered a medical device nor in need of FDA approval to treat a specific recognized condition - it is a full-time wearable device and it was designed and built for effectiveness, safety, reliability and durability. In other words, with the precision and care that usually goes into the manufacturing of miniaturized implants and other sensitive medical devices. In a way, if we acknowledge that a male's erogenous anatomical parts are an integral part of his psyche, the DreamLover 2000 could be considered analogous to an external brain implant, or a permanently installed "obedience prosthesis".

The immediacy with which stimulus delivery can occur after a transgression, and the "surprising" jolt feel of DC impulses, are key to the way the brain processes the retributory event. The aversive stimulus is determined to be salient and strongly correlated with the infraction by neural processes that are largely unconscious. This is why the DreamLover 2000 has been shown to promote genuine neuroplasticity - actual behavioral changes at the pre-attentional level - after only a few stimuli, despite the moderate default settings used for its pulses.

A 24-month DreamLover 2000 enabled training period, coupled with adequately strong orgasm reduction and sustained arousal induction, is guaranteed, under a willfully participatory approach, to soften up a male's psyche, making it strongly receptive to a wide variety of suggestions. With long term adoption of the DreamLover 2000 in your male training regimen, reshaping of the male's reward pathways for willful, eager, bottom-up compliance is now within reach.

2 years of guaranteed benefits

Here's why we can guarantee at the very least 2 years of life and benefits from a DreamLover 2000 unit, allowing you to fulfill the 2-year training challenge:

  • No hardware obsolescence. Unlike most electronic products, which become obsolete as soon as a new version is released, with higher resolution and more speed and memory, the DreamLover 2000 is not subject to obsolescence. We deliver millijoules, not megapixels. 26V of scrotally injected pulses get the job done and your male under control, now and tomorrow.
  • No software obsolescence - Firmware updates on all three devices (Receiver, Remote, DL2K-LINK) allow you to always be running the latest Male Behavior Service Packs and Obedience Hot Fixes.
  • 2 year parts and labor warranty against manufacturing defects (more warranty information below - The DreamLover 2000 Lite has a 1 year warranty)
  • Replacement parts in stock, to keep your DreamLover 2000 system shiny and in tip-top shape

At 2 years usage, your total ownership investment comes out to 58$ per month (41$/month for the DreamLover 2000 Lite) - that is half the cost of a Starbucks coffee per day (which you can now save on, since your male will be enjoying a different type of "stimulant"!)

It will take two years for the first males who have been trained with the DreamLover 2000 for 24 months to be around. We very much look forward to seeing the qualities of this new breed shown off by their satisfied partners.

Price comparison

In order to fully appreciate the care and attention that went into the design of the DreamLover 2000, as well as the incredible value offered for this 3-year medical grade engineering effort, it is useful to compare the device with a simpler attempt at electrical stimulation + male chastity, using a simple shock collar.

Latowski radio receiver chamber with Innotek IUT 300Latowski radio receiver chamber with Innotek IUT 1000
Delivery systemDreamLover 2000 Seriesdog shock collardog shock collar
Pulse typeHighly customized DC pulse, designed for the human male's anatomyDog collar AC stimulus
Tamper evidencePenis detectorNo
SafetyMultiple fail-safe strategies employed "A significant concern is that no regulations exist specifying the performance characteristics or reliability of these devices, so that there is considerable variation in shock level and waveform between manufacturers, and perhaps even between batches of collars from a single manufacturer." -
Pulse flowFull trans-penile current delivery from the scrotal area to the glansAffects a portion of the organ
Conductive gel applicationNot necessaryNecessary to inject ultrasound gel with a syringe through a side opening in the cage. The urine drain hole must be closed when doing so to keep the conductive gel inside the chastity belt.
ActivationAny time, anywhere upon an infractionOnly when conductive gel preparations have been carried out
Cost$1650 (Lite - $1100)$2,492 including belt, radio insert and electronics$2,561
Battery lifeUp to 3 months4 days, belt must be opened to recharge8 days, belt must be opened to recharge
CompatibilityCB3000 and CB6000 for now, more soon as we add interface parts and work with users and manufacturers (more...)Only the $1,670 Latowski
Warranty2 years (Lite - 1 year)1 year1 year
Canine modeYesNoNo
Leash modeYesNoNo
Auto timerYesNoNo
Arousal inductionPro versionNoNo
USB and web interfaceYesNoNo
Silent commandsPro versionNoNo
Many to many communication (learn mode)YesNoNo
Pulse customizationYesNoNo
Firmware updatesYesNoNo
PC remotePro versionNoNo
Small remote controlYesYesNo

A comparison with other types of devices:

ProductDescriptionPriceCore technologyCost recovery
Pleasure machines
SybianFemale pleasure machine$1,395, accessory set $250AC mains powered vibrating and rotating motors. Wired remote control with two knobs/settings.None
ShockspotIntercourse machineBase unit $1,999 - $2,100, accessory set (remote, blue tooth) $422Pneumatic linear drive intercourse machine. USB. Accessories for bluetooth, voice recognitionNone
Male control high end products
Neosteel, Carrara, LatowskiMale chastity belts$1,100, $1,200, $1,670 respectivelySteel chastity belts with rubber/silicone inserts.Deter unproductive behavior
Actual custom electronic products produced in small quantities for a small market and body worn
NovadreamerLucid Dream Inducer$1000-$1200 initially, now out of productionMicrocontroller program, REM sleep detection with infrared LEDs (single PCB)None
Alternatives to the DL2000's Leash Mode and Canine Mode features
Puppy cage + the humblerPuppy cage from + Humbler from$765 - $969Steel, leatherNone
Alternatives to Male Training (worst case scenario)
DivorceDivorceAverage of $20,000Legal + counselingSome assets :)
By comparison:
DreamLover 2000Male Training DeviceAs low as $dl2000_lite_cost_usd (DreamLover 2000 Lite) including all accessories Multiple custom circuit boards packed with components - MEMS accelerometer - 2.4GHz multibyte digital link - Wearable - Extreme battery life - USB - Web interface - Firmware updates - - etc. - See the Technology pageOverclocked male
Manufacturers: if you are the manufacturer of one of the above devices and find that we have understated your product or misrepresented your current price please let us know and we will adjust our description.

* The DreamLover 2000 cannot be compared to generic e-stim or TENS boxes such as those in the ErosTek line. The DreamLover 2000 was designed with miniaturization, portability and continuous wear in mind. Its electrical pulse is intended to be used as an aversive stimulus for training purposes. The DreamLover 2000 is not a "pleasure" device, nor can its short pulses be delivered in an uninterrupted fashion. The DreamLover 2000 uses electricity in a very different way, and is not intended as a replacement or alternative to ordinary e-stim/TENS equipment.

Payment methods

We use TransferWise to process payments. They take debit, credit and bank deposit to a local account in your local currency. Additionally we accept Bitcoin payments. For payments in other crypto coins, please contact us.


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We ship from the EU to just about any country in the world.

DreamLover 2000 batteries and replacement parts

We have a PayPal account to accept small sums for replacement batteries and other parts. The cost of 1 spare receiver battery is US$10.00 plus shipping. E-mail us with your address and we will quote for shipping your required parts.

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