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I have read and agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of this sale (opens in a new page).
I understand this product uses electricity and that I am solely responsible for reading the safety guidelines on the User's Guide and using the device responsibly, and I agree to hold DreamLover Labs harmless for any damage caused to persons or objects in conjunction with the use of this device
I understand a person should never wear the DL2000 receiver while driving a motorvehicle or engaging in potentially dangerous activities
I understand that the DL2000's pulse delivery is unsuitable for rectal or vaginal stimulation or stimulation of all areas not specifically indicated in the User's Guide
I understand that the controller must keep visual and auditory contact with the wearer at all times, even when the device is being controlled through the internet
I understand the device does NOT come with a chastity device and that I must purchase one separately
I understand that there is no guarantee that the DL2000 will work with any chastity device other than a CB3000 or CB6000. DreamLover Labs will help adapt the DL2000 to any chastity device but I am purchasing this product knowing that this may not be possible and I confirm that I am happy to use the DL2000 in conjunction with a CBx000 chastity device if compatibility with other devices cannot be achieved. I understand that the CB6000 requires a modification in order to install the DL2000 as highlighted in this video (opens in a new window). I understand that the DL2K-LINK must be installed on a Windows computer though any OS can be used to connect to the Male Management screens through a browser. I understand that the DreamLover 2000 is a sophisticated device surpassing in complexity a wireless router or a mobile phone and that familiarity with computers, software, drivers and operating systems is a basic prerequisite for using the DreamLover 2000.
I understand that order processing and warehousing happen in different geographical locations, and that couriers have one or two daily pick-up times. Therefore "Next Day" shipping indicates the shipping method, and not the total time between filling out the checkout form and receiving the product. Despite this we make every effort to ship out immediately so that most "Next Day" orders are indeed received the next day, or on the second day at the latest.
I understand that the Mobile Edition will NOT work on iOS (iPhone) devices, and that it will also NOT work under Android devices that do not have both Software and Hardware USB HOST support. To learn about USB Host compatibility, before ordering, please review this information (opens in a new page).
I understand that the Mobile Edition does NOT include an Android mobile device and that I must purchase one separately
Once the order is placed the server immediately (within 10-20 seconds) sends out a confirmation email with your order number and it also displays that same information on your screen. You must ensure that you receive communication from us. If your mail client (such as Thunderbird) puts us in your spam box, or if your mail provider (such as Gmail) does it, or if your ISP does it, the result is the same: you will not get emails from us. This is beyond our control. If you do not get the order confirmation, you will also not receive your tracking number and there may be issues receiving your product - therefore it is your sole responsibility to get in touch with us by e-mail if you do not receive your order confirmation . This way we know there's some issue with e-mails and we can make sure you are updated on your tracking number.
I understand that I am purchasing a hardware device, and not software development services, or a guarantee that such services will be extended, or a commitment to extend such services at a specific price. There is no guarantee, either implicit or explicit, that I will be able to implement a specific new feature using the Javascript API, to extend functionality beyond what is described in the User's Guide. DreamLover Labs are under no obligation to provide any programming assistance beyond the tutorials on this site. In particular, we are unable to offer assistance to non-programmers trying to create their own scripts. Do not expect to be able to use the API if you have never programmed in Javascript. Programmers trying to code scripts are normally aided by pointing them to the relevant functions if the need arises. We do not normally take on programming/software development tasks on behalf of our users. If a quote for such a project is ever given on an exceptional basis, it will likely be substantially higher than market rates, due to this kind of service being outside of our line of business. If your choice to own a device is conditional to the possibility of realizing a specific feature, please consult with us first. Please understand that while we can tell you whether a specific new mode of operation is possible or not with our API, we absolutely cannot guarantee that you will be able to accomplish the relative programming tasks. Additionally, should you have difficulties in the attempt, we will not be able to come to the rescue and do the programming work necessary. Therefore by purchasing a device you agree to being entirely responsible for carrying out or outsourcing the programming work relative to whatever new features you will wish to create. We do not accept returns past the review period stated on the terms of sale, and your inability to program or hire someone to program some vital feature that makes the device useful to you does not constitute an exception to this rule.
None of our hardware products are Mac, iOS, Apple, iPad, iPhone, iPod compatible! You cannot plug a DL2K-LINK, or a ChronoVault into a PC that is not running Windows! You can, however, remotely control said hardware through the internet, by using a browser, and the browser can run on any platform whatsoever, including iOS devices. You can also emulate a Windows PC on your Mac, though this requires technical expertise, and we absolutely cannot help in the matter.
There is not hard copy of the User's Guide included with the product, because the manual is very long and it changes frequently and printing costs would be prohibitive. The manual is in CHM format, which is the Windows help file format. After installing the software on your Windows PC, open it and click Help > Contents to display the help file. Or, navigate to the CHM file and double click on it.
Due to the personal nature of our products, there are absolutely no refunds after 24-hours from courier delivery - no exceptions!
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