Hit & Run

"I've had the DL for a few days now and wanted to tell you it is an EXCELLENT product. Very impressive, unique, and original item sure to spark the interest of many couples. Although I'm fairly shy and somewhat new to the "community" I'll be sure to recommend the DL when the opportunity arises." - DreamLover 2000 user in the USA

"Whatever I saw of it and tried (software, controller, the unit itself) was absolutely great, and I wish you all the best with making this a viable business. [...] I think your product, if used, really is a wonderful way of VERY MUCH enhancing a loving relationship. So people will get much more out of it than from spending USD 1000 on a semi-fake Cartier watch, which just tells them something their USD50 Swatch or the next highrise or their phone will tell them any way: the time of day." - DreamLover 2000 user in Switzerland

"Yes I did receive the package and I was SO impressed how extremely professionally everything was put together! Almost unbelievable how you managed to do all of this. [...] You have an unbelievably good product here." - another DreamLover 2000 user in Switzerland

"I just got it! It's amazing quality." - DreamLover 2000 user in the USA

"The device is great, everything works, it is really a step forward in male management: control, training, stealth communication, punishment, reward, ownership. [...] Could it become normal and accepted that many males are equipped with the device which would probably reduce crime, wars, etc.? So many possibilities with this device, at least the first step has been taken and hopefully many more will follow. [...] I have put the device to the test in terms of durability, it's not cracked, leaked, or broken. Seems to be bullet proof so far, hoping this last for the long term. [...] Overall I would give the [main] device an A or A+ [...] Hope you sell enough of them to continue improvements and/or bring out a next generation of the device. " - DreamLover 2000 user in Canada

"This is a huge step forward in male Chastity." - another DreamLover 2000 user in Canada

"Congratulations, you created a really great looking device" - DreamLover 2000 user in Germany

"What an elegant construction. It looks like the wait was well worthwhile" - DreamLover 2000 user in Hawai'i

"Wonderful product" - DreamLover 2000 user in Denmark

"Congratulations. I can see that you have spent considerable time and investment in this device." - from Australia

"Nicely engineered! [...] It's absolutely elegant [...] I have the feeling that this gadget will cause quite a stir." - Mistress Cassandra

"Got the device waterproofed and started using it this evening, absolutely amazing and well worth the wait!" - DreamLover 2000 user in Ohio

Extended reviews

Both products are incredibly well-designed. From conception to execution you can just feel the love and the deep understanding of the lifestyle these guys poured into it. I'm nothing short of blown away. Extremely well done and I wish to send everyone involved my deepest admiration and congratulations. [...] Everything works, nothing feels particularly fragile. Overall I'd rate build quality as high to very high.

- DreamLover 2000 user Seraph0x (read review on

Our Dreamlover device arrived discreetly-packaged the other day. The moment you see the zipped container inside you know that real effort has gone into making this a quality product in every respect. The DL2000 does not disappoint - it looks and feels the part. [...] The belt that is supplied with the device is excellent in appearance, design and material and works well. It is black fabric ribbon with black plastic rivets set every inch and the included, numbered plastic padlocks can be inserted through the rivet holes at the overlap. [...] A press of the Low button confirmed that you WILL pay attention when your Owner uses it

- DreamLover 2000 user Anode

My unit arrived with all the components as advertised and they look gorgeous. The remote, with its highly polished plastic shell, is a thing of beauty. At only 3 inches tall and 1/4 inch think, it's smaller than I expected. It comes complete with a small molded hole for easily attachment to a key ring and it's thin enough to be slipped into a bra. [...] The receiver unit is very compact enabling unobtrusive attachment beneath clothing. [...] WOW, such responsive support. [...] The technique DL uses is quite effective in grabbing your attention and persuading you to be a good boy. [...] Hey, this is really fun! [...] I didn't have time to play with all the modes and features yet (there are so many). Overall the Dreamlover 2000 is a unique, well designed and manufactured product. The hardware is attractive, solid and reflects a dedication to quality engineering.

- DreamLover 2000 user Q (read review)

My wife and I have owned a DL2000 since May 2011, and I can only say I am in awe of this product. Really a spectacular piece of engineering, immense attention to detail and 100% understanding of the lifestyle, and unbelievably good service. Unfortunately I can't tell you my name and address so you will just have to take my word that I am not related to the Dreamlover company. If you believe me, read on. First, the design and functionality. We have owned an electronic dog collar and a (pretty good) German-made device called "e-play" (which cost about USD900, so really not peanuts, either). Both exciting devices, very nice toys. BUT - the DL2000 is just in a totally different league. Totally different. For starters - compare the size: The e-play device is the size of a 500-page paperback novel; you need to put it on your back, or wear jeans with huge pockets to carry it along. Open it up (I had to do that, because there was a technical glitch) and you see a very traditional electronic board, and a lot of wasted space, and absolutely no attempt to make the device as small as possible. Again, not a criticism - it's just to show what the state of the art was before DL2000. And to me, this shows how hugely difficult it is to design, miniaturize and manufacture a device like the DL2000. The German engineer who put together the e-play unit was pretty good - and absolutely way ahead of the standard electronic dog collar - but an e-play compared to a DL2000 is still like a Bell phone of the 1930s compared to a state-of-the-art smartphone. Second, does it work? Yes it does, wholeheartedly. I can't say that we have used all of the huge number of options yet, but whatever we tried did work, and beautifully so. The fact that the DL2000 comes with both a "normal" remote control and a USB-stick control that can be controlled from anywhere via the web is especially intriguing and useful. Other options that are great are the leash mode and the canine mode - only an engineer who really knows the lifestyle would be able to dream those up and implement them. They are so good! Really exactly the thing the doctor ordered. Third, the service. We needed a new battery, so we emailed the company. Half an hour later the reply, with the options. I had an issue with updating the firmware on the DL2000 receiver - again, an email response in an hour or two, immediate help, and the offer to walk me through the steps via Skype. If I look back on decades of life seeking service for this, that or the third thing, have I ever received such great service before? No, I have not. It is a sign of great dedication. Last but not least, the price. OK, the price is high. But - let's keep in mind what a brilliant device this is, how much it can do, and how well it is designed and made. And keep in mind that the first production run was maybe 50 or 100 units. The people who brought this to market cannot possibly be your cigar-chomping sex business guys. They must be incredibly passionate about this product, and really put their last penny into making this work. Why? Because the thing has so many components, is so sophisticated, perfectly integrated, and just so NICELY done - literally years of work must have gone into this. So people who buy it now have the privilege of being early adopters - you buy it because you save up to be able to do it, and you go for it because it really is the best thing out there. And, hopefully, there will be enough early adopters to allow that company to make it through the early years, and to make it eventually to something that makes it also financially worthwhile for these people. I'll stop here. You see I am passionate about this product. If you can afford it, buy it. You'll be very very happy you did.

- DreamLover 2000 User from Switzerland

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