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Pulse delivery enhancements, and metallic chastity device compatibility

2011-06-13 06:30:58 (23932 views)

In-house experimentation and user prototypes have revealed that metallic chastity devices do not pose any fundamental problem to installation of the DreamLover 2000 as long as a few precautions are taken.

Initial concern

Essentially our initial concern was that a fully metallic chastity device housing would alter the current path, because its surface is necessarily in contact with the entire shaft of the penis as opposed to just the tip, which is where the DreamLover 2000's glans electrode is placed.

Having insulated the ring portion from the housing, there would be a small area of skin caught between these two conductive parts, which could potentially become a current path, and disrupt the pulse by making it travel through outer skin layers, instead of traversing the penis. This would yield an electrical stinging sensation, as opposed to our characteristic pulse, and require pulse parameters to be tweaked through the configuration screen.

However, all this has been shown not to be the case.

Latest results

From our latest experiments, we were able to verify that as long as part of the metallic housing is in contact with the tip of the penis, such as the underside of the glans, under any foreskin, current will flow properly between the desired contact points, yielding the unique DreamLover 2000 pulse sensation which is akin to a physical impact.

Current is known to travel along the path of least resistance, so we are not terribly surprised by this result - we knew there was a chance of this happening, but since we're dealing with multiple layers of tissue with different resistance we hesitated to reassure people until tests were properly carried out.

Metallic device installation

What this means is that for metallic chastity device users, all you need to do in order to connect a DreamLover 2000 unit to your device is:

- insulate the ring portion from the housing/cage portion (with heat shrink tubing, plastidip, tape etc)

- Find a way to attach the DreamLover 2000's ring terminals to the two parts of the chastity device

The exact procedure will vary for each chastity device, but we already have a user working on a tutorial.

Foreskin issues

Previously, users with a foreskin were told they'd be unable to experience the true DreamLover 2000 current pulse unless they could pull back the foreskin and ensure contact between the glans electrode and the area around the glans.

However, with a metallic chastity device in which the whole housing/cage portion serves as an electrode, the surface contact area between the penis shaft and the cage is actually large enough that users with a foreskin do not need to worry about glans contact at all.

When there is no direct contact between the more sensitive areas around the glans and the metallic housing/cage, the pulse is mostly felt on the scrotum, and has the same distinctive feel as in the regular configuration.

Penis detector

- It is much easier to short the electrodes when the whole cage is metallic. Fortunately, the Penis Detector (DreamLover 2000 Pro) senses, reports and remembers this type of tampering

- No program changes seem to be required for the Penis Detector to accurately sense good electrode contact for foreskin users with a metallic device. The amount of current going through the penis in this configuration is sufficient, and is measured correctly too.


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