Desexualization of intercourse

(by Mika Sasaki, M.D.)

Male chastity as a doorway to female sexual liberation

More and more women are discovering the benefits of male chastity. Increased work output, willingness to perform basic domestic duties, compliance and attentiveness can often be observed after a non-ejaculatory period of as little as 48 hours. Additionally, facilitation of any subsequent training effort makes acceptance of chastity a mandatory first step in male training.

Research shows that at least 7-12 days of chastity are necessary before the male's sperm sacs become full, testosterone level spikes and courtship kicks into high gear (the male enters the Maximum Courtship Investment period). The necessity to extend this favorable state of arousal for the longest possible time inevitably leads to a need for the woman to seek sexual satisfaction outside of the relationship.

As soon as the male advances into the phase of "willful participation" (either through observing a much improved relationship with his partner, or through the sexualization of his deference typical of this training philosophy) the couple usually experiences a "period of adjustment". Their relationship evolves, aided by the chemical cocktail produced in the male by his own state of arousal. The male is persuaded to let go of his culturally learned possessiveness, in the interest of the relationship and of continuing his training, with the final goal of obtaining his woman's approval and praise.

Many young women are enthusiastic about this state of affairs and see their complete sexual liberation as an ulterior benefit of male chastity. They are able to have the perfect husband obediently waiting at home, and as many good lovers as they wish.

At times, however, some women are tempted to unduly and prematurely interrupt their male's chastity regimen in order to have a sexual intercourse with their partner. By so doing, they fail to reap the benefits of this MCI phase fully.


Training your male through chastity does not mean having to give up intercourse with him altogether. Desexualization is a technique whereby one engages in sexual intercourse with a male in order to obtain satisfaction, while at the same time denying the male the possibility to achieve an orgasm. This is useful when you need to have intercourse with your partner but do not want to sabotage his chastity, or for purely psychological reasons that are part of his training.

Psychological effects of desexualization

When the male is made to experience intercourse without arousal,

  • The male learns that he is the object of sex, not the subject (the ensuing loss of agency is typical of Identity Reframing training)
  • This leads to a spontaneous shift in his self image from aggressively sexual (predatory) to passively sexual (submissive) - his sexuality is reframed in terms of giving pleasure rather than obtaining it
  • The self image change is incompatible with sexual possessiveness as he can no longer claim any "ownership" of the female body
  • If the male learns to completely dissociate intercourse from sexual arousal, sexual arousal may be more effectively reframed in terms of worshipping you and seeking your praise through diligent service

These factors contribute to greatly enhancing the male's obedience and allowing him to let go of any possessiveness and accepting your sexual freedom at a deep level.

Desexualizing intercourse can be seen as an enabler when the male is opposing resistance to a medium to long term extension to his chastity regimen (playfully, his "castration"). Knowing that he will be able to make love to his woman "just like other guys" protects his ego giving Identity Reframing enough time to work its magic.

Desexualization via prosthetics

The first way in which you can achieve a desexualized intercourse is by employing a dildo harness also known as "strap-on dildo". Though the male is to remain in his chastity belt or device, the sexual tension built up through chastity will be sufficient to obtain his compliance and best effort in pleasure-free (for him) penetrative sex. This method makes a lot of sense for women whose partners aren't well endowed.

Desexualization via local anaesthetics

The second method is more tricky but it is definitely a powerful way to reframe the male's sexual identity by allowing regular penetration and still denying any kind of sexual gratification. It is also very useful if you like the feel of a real, warm penis but your "others" are not available and you do not wish to sabotage your partner's chastity.

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