Forced Subjugation vs Willful Participation

(by Kathrin Cohen, male management consultant and product manager, DreamLover Laboratories)

There are two main schools of thought offering conflicting advice in regards to disciplining your male.

The Forced Subjugation approach

This group claims to obtain superior results by making it impossible for the male to escape control and punishment. Proponents of this method usually advocate restricting the male's movement during discipline to prevent him from struggling or escaping. They are in favor of using higher security chastity devices and sometimes use blackmailing to ensure compliance. They believe that it is natural for a male to initially struggle and try to resist control, but that once he understands there is no escape he will quickly lose any desire to resist (in animal training lingo, his resistance has become an "extinct" behavior due to its ineffectiveness). Some women who follow this method care little about how the male feels about his situation, and often even enjoy seeing their male's internal resistance defeated ("breaking"). But a large majority of women who buy into this "forced subjugation" training philosophy are simply trying to take their male to the "breaking" point quickly and hoping he will soon come to accept his condition, enabling a milder (and less tiring) form of discipline down the road.

The Willful Participation approach

The second school of thought claims to obtain superior results by putting the male in a state in which he will offer voluntary compliance. This philosophy advocates the training of a male in his inner, mental world. It aims at persuading him to eventually relinquish his independence, in favor of a more fulfilling role in acceptance of female authority. This group claims that the quality of voluntary servitude is long-lasting and cannot be approached by coercive methods, and that it is a male's self-image and value system that needs to be reframed before lasting change can be seen in his behavior. Proponents of this philosophy do not always refrain from coercion, especially in the beginning stages of training - however, they invariably single out the budding of a male's voluntary compliance ("willful participation") as the "breaking point" to achieve.

Different interpretations of male chastity

Any male training approach can much benefit from increased seminal volume, as this fluid is known to function as an intoxicant, overcoming his logic and greatly reducing his mental defenses, leaving ample opportunity for behavior modification. However, while the forced subjugation approach sees chastity as merely a way to keep the male frustrated and receptive, willful participation exploits increased levels of sexual desire in a male to reframe his sexual identity.

"Obedience and humiliation are sexualized through chastity until the male starts to see his own subjugation as the most appealing form of sexual relief"

Willful participation proponents emphasize the sexualization of obedience in a male's mind, mirroring the all too infrequent "spontaneous" subservience of naturally submissive males. Obedience and humiliation are sexualized through chastity and by association/anchoring until the male starts to see his own subjugation and self-sacrifice as the most appealing (or the only conceivable) form of sexual relief.


Some opponents of the forced subjugation philosophy often refer to it as antiquate or barbaric. However, it is widely believed that only the lack of legal infrastructure has delayed its adoption. Opponents of the "willful participation" philosophy often complain about inconsistent compliance and intermittent usefulness of males undergoing this type of training. However, DreamLover Labs products add to a regular willful participation regimen the many benefits of positive punishment and negative reinforcement and guarantee consistent obedience even at early training stages.

For the time being, the "willful participation" philosophy is poised to become a favorite among newly liberated women. If you are new to male training, unless you have a particularly stubborn male on your hands, you will find this approach a lot easier as it requires less supervision and monetary investment. For reasons of practicality and convenience, most school counselors recommend young girls to solve their boyfriend problems with the willful participation method, further accelerating its spread among young couples.

DreamLover Labs' pro-choice stance

Here at DreamLover Labs we have a pro-choice stance towards male discipline. DreamLover products, when supplemented by a robust chastity regimen, greatly enhance the effectiveness of both types of training. Given enough support from our clients we will be donating part of our revenues to feminist groups in favor of expanding today's male training choices. This is part of our outreach mission to spread the male training and female authority meme.

The future

Although we are strongly pro-choice, we believe that in the future domestic training will become superfluous - and, at any rate, almost never require the use of force - due to the likely spread of centralized male training and revision centers. These will conveniently allow you to "outsource" the training of your male, who will be returned to you with a much higher level of training. Some women will still prefer a DIY approach to male obedience, but few will have the time or will be able to compete with professional grade training. These centers will offer skilled male training doctors, psychiatrists and technicians - and the controlled environment will enormously facilitate the acceptance of female authority.

Most households will therefore work well with a willfully participating male, and in case a real obedience problem arises a male management consultant will be able to recommend a correction facility appropriate for the male's age.

We at DreamLover Labs are grateful for each one of your purchases, enabling us to develop a strong commercial organization, eventually entering all aspects of male training including the creation of such male training centers for the convenience of all our clients.

Willful Participation and DreamLover products

Willful participation is intrinsically easier and less costly - all our products are first prototyped on the assumption of willful participation and then ported to the forced subjugation approach as costs permit and with the feedback of our customers. Particularly, we have had inquiries regarding the enhancement of our DreamLover 2000 series electric pulse products, and we are on the look for ways to satisfy the demand for an impenetrable enclosure with inner cabling. Please use our forums to let us know about your male training preferences and requests.

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