Exercises in Identity Reframing

(by Kathrin Cohen, male management consultant for DreamLover Laboratories)


We have previously covered the theory of Identity Reframing. However today I wish to talk about the practical side of things. You want to IR your male - where exactly do you start?

First of all understand that you should exercise with identity reframing often, because this is a "real time" task, much like playing an instrument. It requires you to understand which conditions will require your male to reconstruct his self-image, and how you can create those conditions by manipulating the present situation. But not only that - you will need to get a feel for how it works and practice it for some time before you become good at it.

"When you learn to take items from the "pussy-whipped" bucket and place them into the "knight" bucket you will obtain this and pretty much any other desired behavior from your male without any resistance."

Identity reframing is considered an advanced male training technique; for this reason if you are looking for quick and easy compliance we do not recommend attempting this on your own, but rather request the help of a professional male management consultant. Or, you can use the upcoming DreamLover Labs products to jump start your male's training.

If you want to try this powerful and exciting male control technique, please start from the following practical exercises.

Redefine the context

Redefining the context allows you to utilize pride and shame to obtain a desired response. This technique is stealth - the overwhelming majority of males are not perceptive enough to detect that it's being used. To give you a practical example imagine there are two buckets, labeled "pussy-whipped" and "knight". Most males will try to conceal their natural propensity to defer to women because our culture still associates overt deference to the first bucket. In training your male with Identity Reframing your job is to take behaviors out of the first bucket and put them into the second, one by one.

Males start out with different items in their buckets. Some are eager to open doors for you and carry your shopping bags. Some shun these behaviors for the well known FOBSAPW mechanism (Fear of Being Seen as Pussy Whipped). But as you know, males generally have an annoying scarcity of items in the knight bucket, and the number of these items has shrunk since ancient times. For instance, in the past it was considered "chivalrous" for a male to drop his favorite piece of garment in a puddle for a damsel to cross it without spoiling her footwear or skirt. But today most men will not spontaneously offer to do any such thing, even if it's raining and you are wearing your best pair of high heel sandals that you bought in Paris for several hundred dollars. But suppose you do cross the filthy puddle by your own means and your precious sandals did get wet: you are now in a predicament. You don't want to look awkward by tending to them and wiping off the filth from under your soles by yourself (and walk around with the messy napkin in your hand trying to find a trashcan). And your untrained date probably isn't used to carrying a napkin for this sort of situation, let alone getting down on his knees to help. This is when you start to wonder "Gosh, what did grandma get wrong?" and ask yourself how we got to this point where even the basic gestures of service that were considered manly and chivalrous are shunned by most.

But fear not: when you learn to take items from the "pussy-whipped" bucket and place them into the "knight" bucket you will obtain this and pretty much any other desired behavior from your male without any resistance.

By imitation

If you have any girlfriends who are ahead of you in the training of their partner, ask them over. Plan to have their male's obedience displayed in front of yours, by having him assume a behavior that you wish to have your male emulate. Upon carrying out the task deferentially, both of you must praise him copiously. It must be shown that the behavior will immediately attract the attention and approval of females. If multiple friends (and multiple trained males) are available, even better: it can then be shown that compliance in these matters is commonplace, and it is pretty poor etiquette not to conform.

Males notoriously imitate any behavior that will result in women being attracted to them. In order to prevent cognitive dissonance they will automatically reassign such actions to the gentleman bucket.

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