How to Train your Man

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Step 1: You've got to BE the "candy."

You've got to BE the

Remember "The Three Double-Yoos": You have to make him "WANT it, WORK for it, and WAIT for it." If you aren't doing that, then you've cheapened the ONE THING that you have to control him. First of all, you have to make him WANT IT. That means you've got to BE the "candy" in his life. You've got to LOOK like the candy, DRESS like the candy, and make him crave it all day, every day ... 24/7. When he comes home, wear that little short skirt with the thong underwear, or the lacy boyshorts, or the baby-doll night gown. Then, when he decides he wants some, don't just give it to him. Of course he wants it, that's what you want.

Step 2 : Keep his mind on the "candy."

Keep his mind on the

In Step 2, he needs to WORK for it. This when you let him know what YOU want. You want him to start being the man you want him to be. Don't scold him or nag him. Be sweet. Just let him know that there's going to be no more porn, no more trips to the topless bars, and no more sneaking around. He needs to start coming straight home from work. And most importantly, no more wanking. He has to save it for you. You have to let him know you mean it, and be firm. He needs to focus 100% of his sexual attention on you.

"He needs to start washing the dishes, doing the laundry, and emptying the trash.."

Then, he needs to start cooking dinner each night (or taking you out to eat). He needs to start washing the dishes, doing the laundry, and emptying the trash. No playing golf on Saturday. He needs to stay home and mow the yard, clean the swimming pool, paint the garage, and fix all those things on your "To Do List." You may have to phase these things into your training program slowly, adding a few each week, rather than hitting him with it all at once. And as he does each one, tell him what a "good boy" he is, and how he's going to LOVE the candy on Saturday night.

Step 3 : Remind him you've put your foot down.

Remind him you've put your foot down.

In Step 3, you have to make him WAIT for it. As he continues to be your "good boy" all week, working his little tush off to earn the "candy" on Saturday night, you need to continue "BEing the candy." Loose those old sweat pants for a cute skirt. Trade the granny panties for a thong. Get rid of the old sweat shirt and wear a cute top. Toss out the fluffy slippers for some sexy little heels. REMIND him what he's working for and waiting for! As he's working and waiting for it, keep his mind on the "candy!"

Step 4 : Time to reward your "candy boy!"

Time to reward your

In Step 4, you finally give him the "candy." On Saturday night, have him take you out somewhere nice, or have him fix you a romantic dinner at home. And then, let him have the "candy." But when you do, you make darn sure its best he's ever had. And right when he's in the middle of enjoying his "candy" reward ... grab him by the chin, look right in his eyes, and ask him if he knows "why" he's getting the candy. If he doesn't, tell him it's because he's been SUCH a "good, good, good boy" all week. And ... if he's a good boy all next week, maybe he'll get the "candy" again next Saturday.

Step 5 : Keep him begging for more.

Keep him begging for more.

Once you have your man "trained." You can start giving him the "candy" a bit more often. Maybe two or three times a week. But make sure that you make him work for it and wait for it. Remember, you have to keep him focused on YOU, 24/7.


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