Advanced Identity Reframing: when emasculation becomes a necessity (part 4)

(by Susanne Liu, M.D., for DreamLover Laboratories)

If you are having difficulties

Some males are homophobic to a very high degree, and you will not be able to get willful compliance right away. Here are a few tips and tricks you can try to hasten your male's acceptance of the treatment and make him more cooperative.

  1. If your male has successfully gone through the "simulation" exercises, but can't seem to be able to face a real man, you can start by achieving Voluntary Sodomy with a TS and then progressing to a male.
  2. Another trick you can use is to ask the alpha to wear a mask, so that your male will not have to come to terms with his identity or masculine facial features - but only with his large, smooth muscular body, a much smaller obstacle.

  3. Yet another technique to overcome resistance is to allow the male (when the alpha is already present) to choose whether he wants to proceed with VS or whether he wants to offer oral service (as he is already trained to do) in exchange for a temporary postponement of, say, a week or two. Whatever he chooses, his actions are his own choice: this has the beneficial effects already explained. Most males who feel a strong aversion towards homosexual acts (because of the annoying "manly" sexual identity we wish to eradicate) will do anything to avoid it. By choosing to postpone VS they are actually choosing to engage in more manhood-destroying behavior, again to our advantage.
    "This technique ties his self-esteem to being perceived as a worthwhile target for penetration"
  4. A logical extension to the concept of choosing extraordinarily masculine males as helpers for this procedure is to work in the other direction and feminize your male. This involves removal of all body hair and dressing the male in an attractive, feminine attire. The male will be encouraged to follow these preparations in order to please the alpha by "being pretty for him". Aside from underlining his willful participation and tying his self-esteem to being perceived as a worthwhile target for penetration (a complete sexual identity inversion), this practice has the further aim of increasing the perceived difference in sexual identity between your male and the alpha. It is not mandatory. But by following it, you make it easier for your male to enter the desired role for this therapy.
  5. Please note that most episodes of last-minute resistance to VS can be handled by simple caressing (stimulation). You will of course be present, and provide plenty of stimulation for him to "get in the mood", or reach a state of sexual need great enough to allow him to overcome his fears. If necessary, stimulation will continue throughout intercourse, with the added bonus that the male will have no choice but to physically enjoy it.

Don't forget to constantly underline his (hard earned!) voluntary compliance as he is going through the process. He should get acquainted with the real Juan as rehearsed. Then, he should ask him politely for whatever is to happen, and take full responsibility for his own requests with his own chosen partner.

Ejaculation policy during Voluntary Sodomy

Whether or not a male should be allowed to ejaculate during VS is a very personal choice. Most IR experts believe that if the male can ejaculate spontaneously from anal stimulation alone, then he should be allowed to - as this undeniably demonstrates that he has enjoyed it. This is a best-case outcome for VS as it provides the greatest amount of Identity Reframing. But there is no consensus on whether the male should be "helped" to an orgasm if he cannot have one through VS.

Many women feel that mutual orgasm makes the VS episode more memorable and effective. Some of them provide a "helping hand" throughout VS, while some prefer to see the alpha handle this as well, as VS is being carried out. The response of males to an alpha's "fondling" during VS is mixed. Some require a certain degree of encouragement (caressing) from their owner before they are ready to let the alpha work on their penis. Most accept the fondling silently, a sign that Identity Reframing is already occurring. If you believe your male should ejaculate during his VS encounter, and you think he's ready for the alpha to take over his stimulation, then the male should - if at all possible - be made to ask for the alpha's help, before it is granted.

But there is another policy adopted by many women who are against their male getting a "free orgasm". They choose to prolong the wonderful effects of the male's loading period including his high work output and vulnerability to sensual persuasion. They do this by limiting stimulation to the absolute minimum required in order to get their male through VS. He will either climax anally, or not at all.

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