Advanced Identity Reframing: when emasculation becomes a necessity (part 2)

(by Susanne Liu, M.D., for DreamLover Laboratories)

Preparation to VS

Due to the additional benefits described and for reasons of practicality, the average woman will find it more rewarding to proceed with the gradual, consensual approach.

Before you begin this process, the male must already be undergoing an intermediate level training regimen, and have renounced most of his self-determination. You will then be able to enforce a long period of chastity before breaking begins. This allows you to work with an already shaking manhood, and the cocktail of hormones raging within the male's mind will magnify your power to seduce him into compliance. Due to the fact that we are using long-term chastity chiefly to erode his masculinity, it is beneficial to avoid calling it chastity; rather, you should refer to it as castration.


Pronounce this word often. Castration. Talk to him about how his castration is going. Praise him. Tell him how happy you are and that it shows he really cares about you. Remind him often that you appreciate his gesture of accepting castration.

"The castration period should last long enough for the male's penis to begin 'dripping'"

This word has a powerful psychological effect on the male, who is made aware that you are not engaging in some scheme to arouse him, but that he has genuinely given up his penis (and orgasms) in order to please you, and in doing so he has renounced an important part of his masculinity.

But how much time is enough to begin VS? Ideally, the castration period should last long enough for the male's penis to begin "dripping". Involuntary leakage of seminal fluid is observed from the moment his seminal vesicles, testicles and sperm ducts become completely filled and saturated with sperm. Male chastity specialists refer to this as the "loading period". If the loading period lasts less than two or three months, your male has above average sperm production. Do not initiate VS before at least two full months have elapsed, to make sure that his testosterone also saturates his blood stream and that he starts out with the treatment maximally vulnerable and with maximally impaired cognitive functions.

Harnessing Increased Output

Before the loading phase is completed your male will be confused by powerful sexual urges that he cannot control. He will also experience unrest and very large quantities of energy. Unless you are able to channel this energy towards something productive, your male will eventually find a way to have his orgasm, by tampering with the chastity device, begging you, or other means. Therefore you must observe some precautions as your male's sexual pressure increases.

First of all, you must verify that his chastity device is secure. If you are using a device without a belt, you should add a belt to make sure it fits snugly around his body and he cannot "pull out". The other important thing you must do is find an outlet for his heightened energy output. It is not unusual for a young male in the late stages of a loading period to be able to put out 16+ hours of intense work per day. Indeed, this "overclocking" effect is the reason why some women resort to male chastity in the first place. If you see him restless and nervous, you must put him to work to channel his energies into something, especially in the morning and afternoon.

Introducing strenuous physical work is fundamental to relieving the pressure that's being built up. Your male should by now be doing all housework (do not even attempt VS if your male won't even do chores for you!) - but this is often not enough. If you run out of things you want him to do simply send him to the gym, or broaden his housekeeping duties to the homes of a few select friends, or both.

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