How I became a Male Training oriented Marriage Counselor

(by Susanne Liu, M.D., for DreamLover Laboratories)

My first clients on "male training"

My name is Susanne Liu and I work as a self-employed marriage counselor. I started to become interested in male psychology in order to help my clients get along in their love and family life. I do not consider myself a feminist; however, as a marriage counselor you often see couples who are desperate to salvage their relationship - especially if they hold shared assets - and you end up trying anything and everything. It is with reluctance that I first recommended a particularly problematic couple to try to resolve their problems with the (back then) controversial approach of "male training". Both were a little surprised, but other means of reconciliation weren't working, and because of offshore asset laws and a complicated legal situation they could both stand to inherit a large sum of money if they could go on living together as husband and wife for another few years. So, rather than keep driving each other insane or lose the money, they decided to try out male training. It was my first couple on male training and I too was inexperienced and thought most of this stuff was crazy, so I decided to start out very gently.

The band aid

The husband (James) was given a simple rule: "when your wife Samantha wants you to shut up, she will put a band aid on your mouth, and until she takes it off, you are forbidden from talking, moving or doing anything". He was to remain still until she decided he could move again. My objective was to diffuse the argument, and avoid escalation; James would shut up, Samantha would chill out, and this male training thing would do its magic. Or whatever. That was the plan.

Initially I expected all of this to blow up: there was no way James would just shut up - they'd get into another heated argument, and they'd be back in no time asking for yet another solution. I'd probably be ashamed for even having proposed this weird technique I read about on usenet. So much for male training. Or so I thought. But I was wrong, very wrong. When James and Samantha returned to my office for their appointment they both had a smile on their face. I asked them what was going on, and Samantha replied that everything was going well, and that the band aid helped them not get into arguments. "Are you serious?" - I wanted to say, but I quickly turned that into a more professional "Are you satisfied with this technique? I knew you would like it".

I was more excited than them, because I knew this was big. If every one of the techniques I was reading about worked half as good as this one, I would soon fix all my clients' problems and be out of work!

Samantha explained that they did - as expected - get into an argument. But before it could spiral out of control she remembered about the band aids in her pocket. She walked to James with the band aid in her hand, reminding him that they should at least try to follow my advice, since they were paying for it, and affixed it to his lips as she was instructed. As soon as James' mouth was taped closed, they both burst into laughter and forgot all about their argument. However, Samantha reminded James about his vow to remain silent and still until she decided he could move again. So, evidently annoyed but ready to try the unthinkable to save his inheritance, James remained still until Samantha returned ten minutes later and removed the band aid.

James and Samantha's first attempt at male training was amusing more than it was effective, but to my great surprise, this technique which I had thought of as a mere gimmick continued to work session after session. Arguments became less frequent because James naturally yielded to Samantha on most matters.

Male training worked. But I had no clue why. I spent nights researching and reading psychology books, animal psychology books, anything I could get my hands on.

Male training reduces conflict

Eventually, it hit me. Most marital disagreements arise because there is no clear distinction of roles. An argument can never stop because neither party knows who is supposed to win! The simple band aid method created order in Samantha and James' relationship. It gave Samantha the final word. Once this was an understood reality, the band aid became unnecessary.

Samantha finished her band aids and switched to simply saying "James, shut up now." - the trick still worked, as both knew that James would eventually give in and become silent until she decided to allow him to speak again.

This was the experience that sold me on male training, and I have since been recommending its introduction (in different forms) in the lives of countless couples, with incredible success.

Male training in the modern age

"A male management system, when combined with a male chastity device, is a formidable tool to set clearly delimited roles in the relationship."

The practice of deliberate male training has expanded dramatically in recent years, to the point that many now feel it will eventually become commonplace or even institutionalized. The modern woman has a lot more male training choices. One of the most exciting developments has been the invention of the modern "male management system": a male training apparatus allowing quick and easy control and punishment of your male in a pretty much automated fashion.

A male management system, when combined with a male chastity device, is a formidable tool to set clearly delimited roles in the relationship. Whenever I feel that a clarification of roles would benefit my clients, which is almost always, I recommend them to supplement their male's chastity regimen with a male management solution by DreamLover Laboratories.

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