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Nov 9, 2011

An interview with Claire, a professional illustrator and cartoonist who may work with us to create a range of Male Training material. We found Claire by a fortunate coincidence - aside from being a talented cartoonist, It turns out she lives a pretty extreme "male training lifestyle" with her loving husband, so she's very suited to helping us develop our materials. Claire is a real person. Nothing in this interview is fictional. This is an interesting example of how even traditionally male dominated societies are shifting towards a more female-centric type of relationship. It is also a very good example of a purely "service" relationship, in which the male covers a subordinate but important and appreciated role - with none of the usual fetish/BDSM overtones that continue to keep many women away from embracing this kind of lifestyle.

DL: Hello Claire. Can you introduce yourself for us?

C: Yes, hi, my name is Claire, I am a 30 year old comic book illustrator from hunan province. I am married.

DL: What did you think when you first saw the DreamLover 2000, Male Management System?

C: I thought it's a very cool product; Chinese are very conservative, so many may not know this product, but I was very amused by it.

DL: Thanks... so how long have you been married with your husband?

C: 8 years

DL: You were telling me that although you first heard the term "male training" not so long ago, you actually have considerable experience with this sort of thing. Has your husband been "trained" by you to some extent?

C: I think so. I wasn't like this 8 years ago, but for some reason, slowly, he began to do as I said more and more, I also kept naturally raising my requests, it's really a natural process once it starts. If he did everything perfectly I praised him, and he was very happy, and then I raised my expectations accordingly... slowly he became accustomed to several things that I do, then one day I realized, whatever I said, he was going to accept it...

DL: So how long have you been "training" him?

C: From the third year, I was already pretty far out... if I didn't like the food, I made him apologize and promise he'd take me somewhere nice. I liked controlling his time, for example even if he was working or playing games I would ask him to stay near me and don't get out of my sight. If I was thirsty I would make him bring me water, even if I didn't need anything I would require him to prioritize my needs and be "on call". If I was not happy I would yell at him, or throw some stuff at him, sometimes he was a bit scared :)

DL: He was scared?

C: Yes, well he would try to patch things up, saying oh I'm sorry, I should have thought better, please don't get upset, basically trying to say something nice to make me feel better.

DL: And you also lead a pretty free lifestyle.

C: My parents divorced early and so I grew up pretty much deciding things on my own and having my way... training my husband also became like a hobby, I'm quite satisfied when I see he's compliant!

DL: I like your definition of Male Training as a hobby. At this point, I get the feeling he does not have a very controlling attitude towards you.

C: No way, that wouldn't work at all. I do listen to his opinion if he's being rational, I'm not irrational myself, just sometimes have a bad character, haha. But no, he wouldn't try that.

DL: He does not tell you where you can go or what time you have to be home?

C: He does not try to prevent me from doing anything...

DL: So basically what do you do all day?

C: I draw, play with my two cats, as you can see in the picture, and go out to play

DL: What are the things you like most?

C: I like food, old buildings, cats and hot guys, haha

DL: Well it looks like your husband has received a pretty good training through the years. We'd like to know more about the hot guys :)

C: Well, the thing is I'm not very sexually attracted by my husband anymore.

DL: Tell me more.

C: Things got pretty old after the first four years... that's when we stopped having sex...

DL: You haven't had sex for four years?

C: Right, not at all... the third year it was already a rare occurrence... one year we only did it twice, from the fourth year we haven't done it once.

DL: Which brings us back to the hot guys I guess.

C: Yes

DL: How many?

C: About 10 to date... could have been more but I'm quite picky.

DL: Wow... he hasn't found out?

C: Well I don't talk to him about it, but don't go out of my way to hide it. I sometimes spend the night out, once I even went on a long trip with someone :)

DL: Doesn't he ask you where you've been or where you're going?

C: Sometimes, but I often just tell him "don't ask me" and he says, "oh ok". LOL

DL: Terrific. You were telling me he even drives you to wherever you need to go. This is a very well trained husband you have here.

C: Yes, that often happens, because he doesn't like crowded places, but I always want to go out drinking or dancing with other people. If it's too far, I usually make him take me there by car, then when I want to go back I call him to come and pick me up.

DL: He's really very obedient!

C: Sure... I wouldn't be happy otherwise. We have built a high level of trust over the years.

DL: But you wouldn't define your relationship an "alternative" one.

C: Surely not. I'm a bit odd... he's a regular guy.

DL: Nevertheless, from the outside one would really think you two have some sort of alternative lifestyle arrangement.

C: It may look that way, before coming out I even had him shine my boots today.

DL: Surely he must enjoy being submissive in order to accept this kind of task.

C: No, not at all, it's because they were a bit dusty.

DL: That's it? Just like that?

C: He just does what I say because he loves me. Really does anything.

DL: Your husband gets top grades from us.

C: Haha

DL: What's the hottest affair you've had?

C: My husband used to have a colleague, pretty hot, nice body, at that time he had just broken up with his ex, so he came to our house to stay for a while. One day for some reason we had sex in our living room, on the sofa, god he was very big! After that for several days, as soon as my husband went out, we had sex... then acted as if nothing strange was going on when he came back.

DL: Awesome! Didn't he suspect anything?

C: He might have, I mean I'm not very concerned about it, he would never want to leave me, eventually though, his friend couldn't stand the pressure and left...

DL: You were too much for him. So, would you use a DreamLover 2000 on your husband?

C: Haha, I don't think he'd be into this sort of stuff, as I said he's not exactly submissive, I think that the reason he tolerates my character is that he is really a good husband and loves me a lot. But who knows... let me find out more about this community, maybe eventually I will find a way to work this into our relationship. Not that I need any help with his training or anything... but it would certainly be fun!

DL: Your husband is what every woman visiting this site is looking for... very well mannered, service oriented and respectful of your privacy and freedom, and serving out of love. Well, you've certainly accomplished a whole lot, even before you heard terms such as "male management", and before you had a chance to see a DreamLover 2000. We're happy to have made your acquaintance, and hope that you will help us with your illustration skills. This way we will continue to produce great male training material for the benefit of women everywhere. Wouldn't it be great if we could mass produce many compliant husbands just like yours?

C: Every woman deserves one. Haha

DL: We'll leave it at that...

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