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Announcing the DreamLover 2000 Mobile Edition and the DreamLover Mobile App

2013-08-13 05:04:39 (34155 views)

With the DreamLover 2000 Mobile Edition there is no longer a need for the male to be within remote control range or to be near his PC in order to receive training. The USB transmitter can be plugged into any Android based device with USB Host capability. The DL Uplink Android app runs on the male's mobile, forwarding commands to the body-worn DreamLover 2000 receiver. Other benefits include GPS tracking, SMS command delivery and more.

For a limited time, and for any current DreamLover 2000 Pro users, we are offering the upgrade from Pro to Mobile Edition for only $550 with free shipping (normal price $650) - you pay the same total price as if you had purchased a Mobile Edition directly the first time around.

The DreamLover Mobile App has two main functions:

- It is an Android version of the DL Uplink application. It allows your male to use his mobile phone to connect to our male management server, with many benefits such as location tracking and SMS command delivery. A DreamLover 2000 Pro Mobile Edition is required, please see the Mobile Edition page to get all the details.

- It includes conditioning and male training features which will be useful even to users who do not yet own a DreamLover product.

Please note we're just rolling this new product out and it required us to rewrite a lot of code so if you notice anything quirky on the site let us know and we will patch things up immediately!


By SissyBarbie1066 at 2013-08-15 05:55:26 Reply
Well done! Another great piece of technology. It would make buying an Android device worthwhile.
One small idea you may have missed. Could not the GPS tracking facility be used to implement a much grander form of leash mode whereby we men could be restricted to a certain area of the world and maybe restricted from entering certain areas within those bounds. Maybe the monitoring software would have to run on our Ladies host computer (which would need to be permanently turned on) rather than in the Android device or within the DL2000 itself. I accept that for safety reasons it would not zap until the wearer slowed down but knowing we would get a hefty zap when we stopped would probably keep us from going where we were not allowed and maybe a warning message would be sent to the Android when we went beyond our bounds to allow us the chance to turn around and only get a mild zap rather than getting a level 3 zap later.
By dreamloverlabs at 2013-08-16 20:55:42 Reply
Thanks. We try to do our best with our modest means and small audience. Help us move product and we'll keep improving!
By zippy at 2013-08-16 18:02:08 Reply
$650 just for the app? no additional hardware?
By dreamloverlabs at 2013-08-16 20:51:54 Reply
The app is 10$ from the download page. The price includes new hardware.
By zippy at 2013-08-18 03:36:38 Reply
Whats wrong with the existing usb unit?
By dreamloverlabs at 2013-08-18 08:34:34 Reply
It won't be recognized by mobile phones. We had to re-engineer the whole USB part of the system and then re-implement all custom features (stealth pulses, RF monitor, etc). Android support was the largest investment made into the DreamLover 2000 product since its beginning.
By zippy at 2013-08-18 03:43:25 Reply
could the new Android app or the DL browser also support the remote via USB for the operators convenience?
By rosestone at 2013-08-17 14:15:05 Reply
i know there are probably good reasons for this and you are no doubt working towards it, but, i think there is still too much trust required of the male, in regards to the mobile being on etc. i would love to see the mobile device integrated into the DL2000 that cant be turned off. Is there likely to be something like this in the near future? It could come with its own pager number :)
By dreamloverlabs at 2013-08-18 08:36:15 Reply
The male management screen (and SMS messages) will allow you to verify server connection status and whether the DL2K-LINK is plugged in.
By zippy at 2013-08-18 03:55:09 Reply
The DL2k-link could even have an alternate mode to either forward commands through the internet to another dl2k-link, or relay them as a 2nd receiver to an actual one within range. So many possibilities.
By computerslave at 2013-08-18 05:44:18 Reply
I am so excited about the mobile version that I am changing from the iphone used in my story to an android phone instead. I do have one question though...I've gone to the list of compatible devices from your link and it really doesn't tell me what I need to really know before I start buying everything.

In your picture you show it hooked via an OTG cable to a Samsung Galaxy phone (at least I believe it is a Galaxy). I've researched and found that the Galaxy S3 is USB Host compatible...however, it does not provide current. Is there a battery or other means of providing power to the USB transmitter?

Any recommendations on phone or power for the transmitter would be greatly appreciated since I hope to start ordering these here in the next few weeks. Thanks.
By dreamloverlabs at 2013-08-18 08:23:20 Reply

USB Host must provide power, it is part of the USB host specifications. Nearly no device would run otherwise.
By computerslave at 2013-08-18 05:47:45 Reply
If I purchase the mobile edition does it come with a second USB transmitter; or would I need to keep swapping it out between the pc and mobile device?
By dreamloverlabs at 2013-08-18 08:25:19 Reply
The USB transmitter provided with the Mobile Edition also works in your PC. If you want two USB transmitters you have to purchase another one separately. However if you already have a DreamLover 2000 Pro you would get a new USB transmitter as part of the upgrade (you then have one that only works on the PC and one that works on both).
By computerslave at 2013-08-18 13:47:27 Reply
So it would still benefit me to buy the Pro and then purchase the upgrade to allow for use with both a pc and a mobile phone without having to swap out the device....or would I still have to disconnect the mobile USB to prevent interference if someone sends a command? Or would the DL receive two from each of the USB devices?
By dreamloverlabs at 2013-08-18 13:55:22 Reply
For anyone who purchases a Pro unit after the blog announcement the upgrade price is as shown on the order form. We recommend swapping the device anyway. We haven't tested cases in which the male is online from two devices at the same time. You would likely need to log in with different user accounts. The controller would see either or both online and choose which one to manage. It's not seamless to use two devices on two platforms.
By computerslave at 2013-08-18 14:08:59 Reply
Thanks, I'll probably just go with the mobile one then as multiple accounts would be even more confusing. And as for the USB host compliance...I've seen numerous comments about the Samsung Galaxy S3 being USB Host compliant (with mod) and nothing on the S4...I'll look into seeing what will work best...but would still love to know what device you show in your photo for the mobile version. Is that an S3 ? Thanks.
By dreamloverlabs at 2013-08-18 15:08:14 Reply
The picture is a Galaxy Note 2. I think the power issue you read online is that you can't have a USB device plugged in AND charge the phone at the same time.
By dreamloverlabs at 2013-08-19 03:22:25 Reply
Just tested successfully on a Samsung S4.
By chrisgto at 2013-08-20 02:19:50 Reply
Hello i was just wondering if this device will work with a htc titan windows phone? and if i can use my phone to give commands ,to my husbands device,thank you
By zippy at 2013-08-23 02:49:38 Reply
It will need to be checked out on windows phones but the app is for droids.

There's plenty of confusion going on about the two operating systems and their app compatibility solutions.

But the I hear windows I can only think desktop/laptop and its app along with the course-ware. But any texting service or web phone should work as the remote.
By chrisgto at 2013-08-24 14:38:02 Reply
Hello i was just wondering before i buy this if it will work on my titan htc windows phone. thank you Hope
By dreamloverlabs at 2013-08-28 01:49:59 Reply
Only works on Android OS.
By zippy at 2013-08-26 20:54:41 Reply
Would the new mobile dl2k-link also work with the dl2k lite?
By dreamloverlabs at 2013-08-28 01:49:29 Reply
No the upgrade from lite to Pro ME exists though it is on the order form.
By kline at 2013-09-02 16:29:22 Reply
Please forgive me if I missed any information that you have presented, but here is my question.

I understand that on the receiving end (i.e. the wearer of the device) the signals are received by the wearers Android phone. Does the sender of the commands also need to use an Android phone? My Mistress is interested using this device to enhance my training, but she uses and iphone. I am willing to purchase an Android phone. Will my Mistress be able to send commands from her iphone, or will she also have to purchase an Android phone?
By dreamloverlabs at 2013-09-02 22:04:50 Reply
She can use any browser on any platform and no hardware is needed on her side.
By kline at 2013-09-04 23:43:09 Reply
Thank you for your prompt reply. However, I do have another question.

It so happens that my Mistress uses an Android phone with version 2.3.6. Can she still send commands? I believe the answer is yes because the sending of commands is entirely internet based and that it is the person wearing the device who is receiving commands who must be concerned with phone platform and software compatibility. Is this correct?
By dreamloverlabs at 2013-09-06 04:05:04 Reply
That is correct.
By kline at 2013-09-05 13:48:27 Reply
As it turns out, My Mistress has an Android phone. However, she has an earlier version: version 2.3.6. She requests that I verify that this would not matter. In other words, she does not need to concern herself with the latest Android O/S. Is this correct?
By art0hur0moh at 2013-09-14 11:24:59 Reply
Asked nicely for acc to be deleted. Upon request for name change i granted request. Delete or change your choice, i am not asking now!
By art0hur0moh at 2013-09-14 11:25:34 Reply
Asked nicely for acc to be deleted. Upon request for name change i granted request. Delete or change your choice, i am not asking now!
By art0hur0moh at 2013-09-14 11:29:04 Reply
Asked nicely for acc to be deleted. Upon request for name change i granted request. Delete or change your choice, i am not asking now!
By dreamloverlabs at 2013-09-15 00:46:42 Reply
We already told you that we were going to change this for you as per your request, but we don't respond very well to this kind of tone and getting your spam all over the site...
By computerslave at 2013-09-15 09:42:52 Reply
Wow, based on our conversations I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and have been playing with the mobile app. I must say that so far I am very impressed and happy with my choice. I hope to be ordering the mobile edition DL2000 and the ChronoVault within the next two weeks.

I am glad that I went with the Note 2 for several reasons...including the battery capacity. I might still have to upgrade it to a larger battery though, as it will need to run the app, GPS, USP connection for the DL2000 all day long as well as Bluetooth for the Fitbit Flex I just received.

I can't wait to see how it all works out together.
By sissymaid at 2013-09-16 17:37:02 Reply
Does the GPS tracking keep a log of where the male trainee has gone or just where he is now?
By dreamloverlabs at 2013-09-17 03:24:51 Reply
Just the present location.
By sissybarbie1066 at 2013-09-28 17:54:40 Reply
I would think if the current location is available, it would be a fairly simple programming job for a user who is also a programmer (like me, but I only write for the Macintosh) to poll the location say every five minutes and log the results. Maybe plot a graph of the movements of the wearer too. Just latitude and longitude, ignore altitude I would think and ignore the curvature of the earth.

Someone more ambitious could map the coordinates onto google maps and / or google street view.
By MsDarlene at 2013-09-28 19:39:45 Reply
Thank you for this product. Currently, we have only purchased the 10$ application for his New Galaxy 4, purchased specifically to run the full software program in addition to the device. We have experienced a couple of problems.

First...initially, I could follow him via his Galaxy, and your app. That no longer seems to be available. I am confused as to why we paid for the app, if it does the same as the free download you have on your site. I'm not concerned about the tener ... Happy to even offer that as a tiny gift, and or the privilege to take a test drive. We understand that when he is driving, the software shuts itself off as a safety feature. Very efficient. Love that. That portion of software is working fine on his end. He keeps the GPS and his 6 Gig data package on at ALL times. So that can't be the issue.

Second... When I log into your site all the other functions are working VERY well. However, he has issues at his end. His device shows he is speaking what is written within the text from the drills (I created and scheduled for him) yet it also says "speak more clearly" ...and...." Is this what you intended to say" and then puts what he spoke into text. The device in fact has both recorded EXACTLY what he spoke....and... What he spoke is exactly what was written by me on the screen. Problem is though...there is no where to click and accept that it is in fact correct, AND... as a result he is unable to complete the task.

Lastly, at least I When he brings up the " Conditioning " drills .. ( not initially easily found) the drills that were completed (results both emailed and texted very successfully ) however they remain on the list. As he is unable to complete some drills due to software cliche, ..... He lovingly repeats completed drills over and over and over in his effort to please me. We love this feature allowing him to go back and show devotion and desire. Well done DreamLover staff.

At this point we seem to have the device finally worked out. So we are looking forward to your suggestion on the mobile app portion. It is this part of your entire business (the app) we are most interested in. Without the app...due to our schedules the device itself would not be that useful.

One more thing, I nearly forgot.. We created two new accounts in addition to the two we had. For the purpose of seeing if it was a cliche on our end. We noticed in re reading your information, when we initially log in there is supposed to be a one time password provided and we are to write that down. All four initial logins failed to provide any password whatsoever. As we wanted to see the one free sample course option, we are unable to do that. At one point we were able to just press the "Demo" link without a password and if memory serves, it was then we were taken to a page that showed the google map as to his location. Either way, regardless of what we attempt we are told that " this user" or perhaps it says " user is no longer on line.

We love your product and we love everything we can see in regards to your efficiency in customer service. ( although we can also read about the daunting troubles you yourself have experienced with suppliers) You are providing an amazing product.

Ms. D.

By dreamloverlabs at 2013-10-04 02:49:58 Reply

1. You didn't need to purchase the app; it is included in the cost of the Mobile Edition product.

2. When the device asks "Did you mean........." and shows a list of candidates for what the user has spoken, it means that the sentence was not recognized correctly, i.e. the original text for the sentence is not identical to any of the candidates shown. You should look at the candidates, and type one of them EXACTLY into the drill configuration screen where you originally defined the drill. Example, you create a phrase that says "N.B.C." but this is never recognized, instead the candidates shown are "NBC" and others. What you need to do is realize that google will never translate an acronym into a string with "dots", so you change the drill to read "NBC" without the dots. Same needs to be done at times for "Maam" vs "Ma'am", "Mr" vs "Mister" or "Mr.", and other things of this sort.

Regarding completed drills showing up as uncompleted, can you please send us some screenshots and more information.

Thanks for your purchase!
By Stephanie The sissy slave at 2013-10-08 19:44:03 Reply
Our error....for clarification..... When we spoke of a device.... We were referring to "The Curve" not your electronic device. So yes we did need to purchase the app. We were wondering why there is a free version and a paid version of the app. It seems, if we are correct, the paid app would allow a free copy of the initial level one training. For this reason we had purchased app. But it didn't work correctly (because as we asked, in our previous email ) ....

when we initially log in there is supposed to be a one time password provided and we are to write that down. All four initial logins failed to provide any password whatsoever in that link beside the word "DEMO"

As we mentioned we wanted to see the one free sample course option, we are unable to do that.

(Also referred to in our previous email, but not answered.. See below...)

At one point while using the full paid app version we were able to just press the "Demo" link without a password and if memory serves, it was then we were taken to a page that showed the google map as to his location. Either way, regardless of what we attempt we are told that " this user" or perhaps it says " user is no longer on line. This is always the case even if he is logged on or not. Why is that?

If both he and I are logged on... Should it not show 1) that he is in fact logged on and 2) that I should be able to see his location via his activated GPS.

Lastly, we have sent three emails and have received no response as of yet. Firstly we sent to you info addy, but it keeps coming back (3x) as undeliverable. So in your defence you have not even received them. The final email sent to "support" addy has also received no response. All emails were sent as a result of a second Full Paid Version App being purchased through PayPal AND applied to a completely new Identity registered with you. We created a new gmail account, a new pay pal account and a new DL account so that there would be a completely clean process to go along with a completely new (2nd) Samsung Galaxy S4. We received a " Thank you for registering " email. And so we activated that registration with you and it was successfully. However, we have not received the link for the PAID app.

To insure there were no problems we did NOT download ANY software from your site. Pease forward both links the upload and app link to the email associated with THIS account. And I will have him upload them to his phone. I will then utilize my Dom account to control him.

Should the app work as it once did,... Meaning full access to his GPS location ....the basic level one course.... (The command drills we can work out and with practice figure out the best words to use... )... We will purchase the unit that you sell to go along with the recently purchased " Curve" device and the second brand new Galaxy S4.. Thank you. We appreciate your efforts in advance.
By dreamloverlabs at 2013-10-09 02:46:26 Reply

1. Our email is working and we reply to queries within a few hours at the most. Make sure you wrote the e-mail address correctly (labs not lab, lover not lovers etc)

2. There are no versions of the app; there is only one app, but the "drill" feature is locked until you either buy the app or a DreamLover 2000 ME. When you purchase through paypal, the username you are logged in with (on the site) is enabled and the drill feature is unlocked for that user.

3. The course is unrelated to the mobile app. No connection whatsoever. The course can be opened through the windows version of the DL Uplink (free download) and by opening the DL Browser.

4. You are mixing the two "client" side apps (the mobile app and the DL Uplink software for windows). The latter is the one that gives you the "demo mode" warning. But you don't use the windows client to manage the user, you use our web interface available at

E-mail us if you have any further questions. Please make sure the e-mail address is correct, we are not aware of any e-mail outages and we seem to be receiving e-mails with no problem.

By Pliny at 2013-09-30 20:00:44 Reply
I'm confused regarding "use" of the DL2K-Uplink Android USB device and app.

If the Receiver is within range of the Remote, signals are received without the wearer having to do anything. Likewise, if he's within range of a DL2K-LINK equipped PC (with the PC on and the DL Lounge opened). What's unclear is his involvement when the Receiver's data channel is SMS or the Internet.

Illustration: the wearer is outside his residence with an Android phone (or tablet) in his pocket (attached to the DL2K-UPLINK transmitter). If the phone receives a voice call, there's a ring tone. If there's a text, he hears an audible ping. Whether he chooses to take-out the phone and respond to either signal is optional. What's unclear is what happens when an SMS is sent targeting the Receiver? What happens if the signal is sent via the Internet (Wi-Fi)?

"The DL Uplink Android app runs on the male's mobile, forwarding commands to the body-worn DreamLover 2000 Receiver." If the phone is in his pocket he won't be running any apps. How then does the DL2K-UPLINK send signals to the Receiver?

"The DreamLover 2000 Mobile Edition connects to the Internet through your mobile provider's data network. This allows you to manage the male from our management screen regardless of whether he's connected from his home PC, mobile device or tablet." Presumably, this statement refers to situations when the wearer has the app open on "his" phone or tablet (same as being home with a DL2K-LINK equipped PC on, and the DL Lounge open). Is this correct?

"Alternatively, SMS messages can be sent to the male's mobile device at any time, which means the owner does not even need to log in or to be connected to the Internet. SMS replies are sent automatically to the sender when the message text matches one of the predefined DreamLover 2000 commands. The reply informs the sender about whether the command was executed or not, and if not why." Does the mobile device receive the message if it's in the wearer's pocket (but turned on)? What happens if the Android device is a DL2K-UPLINK connected tablet (turned-off but on the wearer's person)?

"It is mandatory to maintain visual and auditory contact with the wearer at all times while operating the DreamLover 2000, especially when the DL2K-LINK is employed for remote management." Isn't this contrary to the concept of "remote" management? Or, does this statement refer to instances where the owner wishes to issue commands but doesn't have the Remote readily available (e.g. she left the Remote at home and is with the wearer outside the home)?

Any clarification you can provide would be appreciated.

By Steve1976 at 2013-10-02 11:53:26 Reply
I never received an email update about the new product. More importantly, neither did my Mistress. It's up to her if we get one or not. Would be good to add a feature such as 'recommend to a friend'.
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