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Birdlocked mini mounting notes

2011-08-10 14:28:55 (19581 views)

From a user who's just installed his DreamLover 2000 on a "Birdlocked Mini"

I wanted to give you feedback on mounting the DL on the birdlocked mini chastity cage. With a few simple modifications, the device is fully compatible and works very well.

Issue One: Obviously, a hole has to be made for mounting the electrodes. The birdlocked cages are made of a soft, flexible silicone. The hole can thus be slightly smaller than the plastic screw going through it. I used a very small and very sharp drill bit to make the hole on the cage underside just behind the head area. I taped both sides of the drill area to prevent tearing. It worked well. A thick needle may also do the trick. If the material ever does tear, I have read that a drop of silicone caulking (as used on bathroom fixtures) can be used to repair it.

Issue Two: The birlocked series all have a ball dividing strap that would prevent the underside scrotal electrode from mounting in the same fashion as you indicate on your website for some other models. This is an easy fix. Simply mount the electrode 180 degrees from the standard configuration with the second tier of the electrode facing away (as apposed to towards) the penis head. (See picture below.) This provides good contact with the scrotum. If anything, the pressure of the ball divider strap probably provides better electrode contact than other chastity models.

Issue Three: (This was the biggest issue to overcome.) The softer material made it such that I could not get consistent contact with the penis electrode. The cage was just too flexible, allowing the penis head to lift up and away from the flat washer electrode. This was exasperated by the wire also getting in the way of good contact. My experience with the washer was that I would have good contact one moment, but then have no contact at all if I changed positions such as standing up or sitting down. If you recall, at first I thought that the battery had drained after only a dozen or so test uses. The solution was a radically larger penis electrode that had an upwards facing bump that fits just behind the head of the penis, pressing it up against the soft silicone cage such that it can not lose contact. The picture below shows the old flat washer electrode and the curved piece of stainless steal that I replaced it with. I purchased this part at Home Depot. Any similarly shaped object would work. The bump probably looks quite severe but keep in mind that the cage material is very flexible and can compensate. I feel that anything less than this would not guarantee 100% reliable electrode contact in a soft cage.

Issue Four: The softer material is probably a bit more susceptible to damage from the hard metal electrodes. To compensate for this, I simply installed soft neoprene washers on both sides of the mounting. Thus no metal directly contacts the silicone. The washers I used were a bit thicker and more flexible than the one rubber washer provided with the unit.

Here are pictures of the mounting and pictures of the standard washer electrode compared to the replacement. You may also note that the wire for the penis electrode is coming in through the side vent hole. This was an attempt to minimize the wire from pushing the penis away from good contact. However, with the new electrode installed, this is no longer required. I hope the information is useful and helpful.


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