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Android developers - get a FREE DreamLover 2000 Mobile Edition
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Server migration still in progress - connectivity will be restored ASAP
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A proper Facebook group created

2014-09-10 12:05:08 (3837 views)

Hi everyone.

There hasn't been an update in a while because we're busy with manufacturing and development of a new Android application for our product line.

The current forum isn't being of much help right now, due to the need for moderation (we get tons of spam attempts and just random insanity) and the fact it's not really up to today's standards for social networking.

We have created a proper Facebook forum which will hopefully give a more flexible platform to discuss our products and build our community.

This forum will continue to exist and is in no danger of disappearing.

Attention: this is a public group. Privacy is your own responsibility.

We also have a ChronoVault page and a DreamLover 2000 page which we invite you to Like.

DreamLover 2000 + Mystim Public Enemy n. 1 tests

2014-03-31 02:59:02 (20469 views)

Some users have reported compatibility, so we ordered one and gave it a try.

The good:

- It is possible to deliver an unpleasant electrical jolt to the glans to deter bad male behavior by using this CB and the DreamLover 2000

- The Public Enemy n.1 is a well designed, professionally packaged product

- The DreamLover 2000's attachment rubber piece with the 3 holes "almost" works for the PEN1, though its posts are not round. Be careful though or the rubber may tear as shown below.

The bad:

- the conductive rubber elements aren't conductive enough. Not their fault, we experimented with conductive rubber early on and had the same problems. Add too much conductive material and the rubber becomes brittle. We even tried silver based conductive rubber used in aerospace, but to no avail. This is why we decided to avoid using conductive rubber, and use metallic electrodes instead.

- current flows from one side of the penis to the other (as in, left to right), not involving the testicles. In our experiments, total targeting of the male anatomy (scrotum to glans) has superior psychological impact

- in order to get somewhere close to the real DreamLover 2000 pulse sensation, you will have to use conductive gel.

- you can alternatively turn up the "reps" in the pulse customization screen, this way you will definitely achieve an unpleasant sensation, though it will be electrical (strong AC component) unlike the "impact" like sensation we achieved with our electrodes

- security wise... there isn't much security; the device is not tamper proof nor tamper evident, electrodes can be disconnected from the cage at any time. It's interesting to note that they almost bumped into a solution by sheer luck; the terminal is a bit hard to remove when the cage is worn. But it does come off. The wires used are quite thin.

- the connector used is probably meant to be plugged into an e-stim box, so it is not compatible with the DL2000, though you can use some DIY method and some soldering to connect the PEN1 wires to the DreamLover 2000's ring terminals


Probably useful if your male is in permanent chastity and you feel a need to do e-stim sessions once in a while perhaps to aid memorization of rules.

It is unfortunately not a viable solution if you are using the DreamLover 2000 on a daily basis to achieve male behavior conditioning.

Android developers - get a FREE DreamLover 2000 Mobile Edition

2014-03-20 08:34:58 (21190 views)

Well, almost free - it's a trade, and a chance to be part of our mission, and help women all over the world train a better generation of compliant males.

We're offering a DreamLover 2000 Mobile Edition, our most complete package, in exchange for development work. We want to port all the DreamLover 2000 and ChronoVault configuration screens to a stand-alone Android application. This will enable complete control of our products from a mobile device. In this use case the "Owner" (the person who normally has access to the remote control) has the DL2K-LINK or ChronoVault plugged into their Android mobile phone.

The language is Java.
The development environment is the Android SDK + Eclipse.
The app must be able to run on Android mobiles and tablets.
Backward compatibility is necessary, but not so much of it as we require USB Host to control the DL2K-LINK and that is a fairly recent addition.

Open the PC version of the DL Uplink, and navigate to Owner Menu > DreamLover 2000 Configuration.

The screens to port are:


All systems back online

2014-03-18 03:43:40 (21542 views)

After the migration, it seems like the system is now 100% back online - if any glitch occurs, please email us.

Server migration still in progress - connectivity will be restored ASAP

2014-03-17 10:25:03 (21059 views)

Server migration is still in progress, we apologize for any website issues and we're trying to get an ETA for restoring full site functionality.

The only remaining issue is HTTPS, once this is fixed all should return to normal automatically.

March 13th, planned outage for server migration

2014-02-27 16:01:26 (22879 views)

We're being informed the site may be temporarily unavailable for a few hours on March 13th. Seems no action is necessary on our part. If you see any sort of strange error on this day, please fear not - everything should return to normal soon.

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