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FetishCon report

2011-07-29 21:35:35 (27853 views)

The folks at MatureMetal are hosting the DreamLover 2000 (and a wonderful poster) at their FetishCon 2011 booth in Tampa, FL, and showcasing their DreamLover 2000 compatible chastity devices.


By electrodick at 2011-07-30 00:31:14 Reply
Amazing partnership here, but wha doen Maturemetal not mention these models on their website?
By dreamloverlabs at 2011-07-30 02:46:51 Reply
They will soon.
By smurfla2000 at 2011-09-04 12:44:32 Reply
I have been wanting to buy a dreamlover for the last two years. I waited for the product to be complete,and in the femdom world there are alot of people intereted.

I have a Loris tube and wear it 24-7 There are three things we would like a comfortable steel chastity that the dreamlover hooks onto and the women love a key to wear.Especially around other ladies If this was possible i and alot of people i know would purchase this.

The price of the belt and price of the dream lover is ok for real players and believers in chastity 24-7
By rmtraining at 2011-11-30 04:33:38 Reply
I have been unhappy with the CB-X000 series. They don't really fit me and the plastic retains moisture leading to well, odor after long periods of time. Still, my partner wanted to use the DLL device so what to do?

My search for a solution was already bringing me to Mature Metal (no, I don't work for them or even have any affiliation with them) because they customize the size. But it was a pure metal solution.

I found this post and was so excited! I contacted them and for $150 extra, you can have their chastity devices customized for DLLs. I have ordered a few rings to ensure that I get the size exactly right first but plan to make a purchase of one of their (probably the Watchful Mistress) devices soon.

I am a DLL owner (or you could say that my partner is a DLL owner) and can't wait to try the two together. I will post more soon.
By dreamloverlabs at 2011-11-30 04:50:30 Reply
We've actually just received our DL2K-enabled MatureMetal CB and the result is quite good, better than with a CBx000 and our electrodes. We should post about this soon.
By handsandknees at 2013-10-04 09:12:44 Reply
How is your new device working out? Ours should arrive in 4 weeks.
By Optimyst at 2013-11-09 20:49:35 Reply
Still don't see the dreamlover option/comoatible device on their does one go about ordering one?
By dreamloverlabs at 2013-12-11 09:12:58 Reply
Email them directly, the owner will help you choose a model and custom make it for you so that it is compatible with the DL2K :)
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