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Course development resumes

2011-05-01 05:41:44 (10933 views)

Course development resumed today with some design work in Photoshop, followed by careful replication in Flash (not using actual content). The color scheme and serendipitous apparition of the knife could make this design seem a bit macabre but purple seemed better than pink for legibility.

The DL Uplink application will serve as a viewer for the courses, to avoid having to maintain two separate applications, and duplicate code (such as the code to manage the DL2K-LINK). So the course viewer will turn out to be a .NET/Flash hybrid application. Flash helps with graphics layout and animations while .NET is the main technology used for the Uplink application and how the DL Uplink communicates with USB devices. Flash also helps render fonts beautifully without the need for Windows Presentation Foundation and newer .NET versions. The standard GDI DrawString function offered by .NET just doesn't look good enough even with all the antialiasing settings enabled.

The column on the left is reserved for tools and features particular to the two main modes: review and quiz.

"Review" is basically a powerpoint-like slideshow that dispenses nuggets of information in a sparse, easily digestible format. Quizzing will of course involve all the quiz features such as multiple choice questions. Quiz mode will be distinct from the actual "final test" which will have the "stealth pulse" check. Both quizzing and testing will be linked to the DreamLover 2000 to encourage rapid assimilation of the content.

The viewer application, as soon as it is completed, will also allow memorization of the Silent Commands defined in the DL Uplink's device configuration screen.


By Zippy at 2018-12-22 10:13:56 Reply
If Pink is too loud for an inverted font than have you considered not not inverting the font and background
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