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CB6000S installation seemingly successful

2011-03-15 18:54:25 (5326 views)

Multiple users reporting CB6000S installation successful though you may need some extra padding under the top electrode to ensure contact - depending on anatomy.

Just to be sure as soon as we've got some time we'll order a unit and install it in-house before this goes on the compatibility page.

We're making a "mounting" video for the CB6000 (long overdue), it will be available in the next 24 hours.

Windows 7 permissions bug fixed

2011-03-15 14:41:31 (5391 views)

Don't you love it when programs install themselves all over the place in your registry, user folders, document folders, desktop? We hate them. So we've coded our application to keep all its stuff in one folder! However Microsoft no longer allows us to place our temp files where we please...

So we've had to move the temp files to /%appdata%/ in order to avoid windows shutting our program down!

If you've had any trouble running our software under Windows 7 or Vista 64 bit please download the latest release at the usual spot. It should run just fine now.

We're still having an identical issue with the "CD START" executable, just says program closing and it shuts down - but this launcher doesn't really do anything aside from pointing you to the DL Uplink subfolder and such minor stuff, it's just there so that when you put the CD-ROM in it will open automatically... so we'll fix it a bit later.

Thanks to Anode, Q and JohnSteed, the pilot run members who've helped us sort this out.

No duties/VAT for UK, EU and US customers

2011-03-15 10:24:51 (4404 views)

User's question: I see you estimate the UK cost at £865 [the sterling equivalent of $1400] If this is sent via Fedex or any other courier and declared at $1400 it will attract 10% import to EU area and 20% UK vat so the price will be £865 +£260 = £1125 !!
Any ideas how to avoid the charge as it makes it too expensive over here

To avoid such issues we're shipping directly from within the UK for both UK and EU customers. There are no duty and VAT fees. We've already gone through the complexity and all expenses you mention. The price is inclusive. Because we ship internally shipping fees are also cheap, please check the order page for Royal Mail and ParcelForce pricing.

Payment question

2011-03-13 12:53:20 (5101 views)

Prospective user's feedback: "I live in a small town and every bank employee is going to be overly curious as to what I am doing sending an international wire transfer of funds. How can I pay with privacy?"

We understand your privacy concerns. You could put anything as the reason for payment as long as you let us know ahead of time.

We can also accept payments through, an escrowing service we work with. In this case the payment still goes out through the bank but it goes to the name of (Bank of America account). The reason for payment would have to be a number that tells your transaction ID.

Pilot run status

2011-03-12 22:47:31 (5183 views)

Units have started to be installed and opened by out VERY FIRST PILOT RUN CUSTOMERS. We don't use caps lightly here at DreamLover Labs.

After three years of literally "pumping iron" (we're not pro bodybuilders but we've got steel molds by the tons now) finally we have people welcoming the delivery guy at the door, signing with what seems to be an anxious scribble and devouring the units.

These folks are so busy we're having trouble following up because they're "not at the pc"... incredible folks... inventing stuff rocks. It will be some time before our first users "reemerge". There's a lot to play with.

For the time being, we will post any questions from our first users right in the forums (under "questions about the product").

Units moving fast

2011-03-10 22:57:18 (5810 views)

One fourth of the units have already been claimed.

At this rate we will run out of inventory in less than two weeks.
Given components lead times, we're estimating a lag of up to 2 months before the next production batch.

If you wish to participate in the Pilot Run please get your order in as soon as possible!

Also:'s site is down. If you place an order make sure to visit their site and check if they're operational before choosing the escrow payment method. If they're down you can still choose it but we have to wait until they're back up to start the transaction and your order priority is not guaranteed.

On the positive side bank deposits seem to have been very popular (only two people ended up using escrow) and funds are coming in with no problems. We even had one Bank of America wire arrive in 24 hours.

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