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Birdlocked compatibility

2011-03-10 22:29:14 (4525 views)

"Is this marvelous device compatible with birdlocked? We have tested the cb3000, and the curve, but have found the birdlocked is the most comfortable for him and he can therefore wear it the longest. I'm thinking once there is a hole in the silicone it will tear...have you been able to run tests with birdlocked?"

Answered here.

GREEN light on Australia

2011-03-09 20:09:40 (4152 views)

To all our Australian friends:

We've incredibly just heard back from ACMA and border control and we have an official green light to sell this product in your country without any additional test reports.

They told us there are no chances of it being blocked at customs and you don't need a C-tick mark if you do not resell the product to others.

Thank you for your patience in allowing us to obtain this information. We'll update our order screens with Australia shipping fees when we are able to obtain them, in the meanwhile feel free to place orders, we'll send you a shipping quote by email.

Units leaving the warehouses!

2011-03-09 19:23:48 (4127 views)

Funds are being confirmed and units are leaving the warehouses faster than anticipated.

Hawaii, Texas, Florida, California, Utah, Switzerland, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Denmark, and lots of UK folks...

At this rate our pilot run stock will be depleted in less than a week so we're now getting quotes for PCB assembly in Korea. Best case scenario is a 400% price increase (and they're doing us a favor), plus we have to mount all the through hole components ourselves... but at least this way we won't have to bring a sleeping bag to the assembly plant to oversee their work for 3 days and have a nervous breakdown trying to prevent mistakes like last time!

The through hole components are very easy to solder on, it's the 40+ surface mount ones that have 0.5mm pitch pins and take forever to hand assemble so at least we want those taken care of.

Unfortunately there is a lead time of at the very least 4 weeks to get more radio components (again they're doing us a favor normally it's 3 months). Hopefully we won't find shortages of anything else.

We're also attempting the first Canadian transaction and there's space for ONE brave Australian volunteer to attempt a transaction with us. We're tired of calling your governments! We'll take one order and send a unit - if it doesn't go through we'll refund the "volunteer" and try to get it back.

Cash deposit

2011-03-09 11:06:39 (3983 views)

Notes for people who are concerned about privacy with their bank statements.

- It is not necessary to use your bank account to transfer money to's bank account. You can just go to any Bank of America branch (and likely any other bank too) and tell them to make a cash deposit on's account. They will need your ID and the cash.

- There is some likelihood of the same being valid for our international account. Potentially you could go to the bank with your ID and the cash and make the payment. Some banks may not let you do it unless you have an account with them, but then again they don't usually charge you for opening the account and it self-closes after a period.

- Even if you DO have a bank account and use your local bank to make the transfer, it's highly likely that they will allow you to send the money using cash in a way that no record of the transaction is shown on your bank statement.

Canada, Australia

2011-03-09 10:12:41 (3721 views)

We've been getting inquiries from all over the place. It's not easy. We don't know what the radio regulations in the south pole contested areas between France and the Netherlands are :)

It's really true to say: wherever there are male obedience issues you will find a DreamLover 2000! Hey that's pretty much everywhere...

Alright seriously, we've done a fair bit of research.

We're opening up ordering for one unit to Canada and one to Australia.

If it goes through customs we'll allow all other orders from that area.

If it doesn't we'll refund your purchase price and try to get them to ship back the product.

This is probably faster than trying to call up ACMA, Standards Australia, testing labs, Industry Canada, wireless device manufacturers, border control etc. like we've done today. They don't even know. Those bureaucrats badly need a Penis Slap Amplifier!
(to keep track of the rules they make up as they go along)

Shipping to other countries

2011-03-08 11:38:59 (4229 views)

This just came up.

If your country is not among those listed on the order form, but you have a friend within the US/UK/EU who could accept a package on your behalf, there would be no problem for us to send the circuit boards to this person without any product name or information - just the bare PCBs. They would not know what the product is. Then we could send on the same day all the rest of the parts to you directly. When you meet your friend you could receive the PCBs and there you'd have the complete product with total discretion to any country.

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