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Forums > Questions and feedback about DreamLover products > It does exist - and it works

It does exist - and it works

March 18, 2011 06:03 AM (10114 views)

Our Dreamlover device arrived discreetly-packaged the other day. The moment you see the zipped container inside you know that real effort has gone into making this a quality product in every respect. The DL2000 does not disappoint - it looks and feels the part.

The few initial teething problems (documented in other posts) that are to be expected of a pilot-run item were quickly resolved direct with the DL folk by emails, Skype calls and revised software downloads. Being tech-savvy made this exercise pretty painless and anyone ordering now should find it easy to get the device up and running straight out of the box.

Once fitted to a CB3000, it was time to try it out. The vibrator seemed a wise place to start and it works well as a signalling method, although perhaps not best suited to a quiet public place as it is similar in volume to a mobile phone's vibrate mode. The patterns are easy to detect but, unless you are already in the zone, you shouldn't expect too much reward. It's very pleasant (especially when compared to the alternative!) but the battery will only last for so long.

Once I'd ensured good skin contact by the external electrode, it was time to try something more challenging. A press of the Low button confirmed that you WILL pay attention when your Owner uses it, and I then found that a timed pattern on the Low setting is a tolerable but quite distinct punishment. Suffice to say that I'm dreading (but in a nice way) the future infliction of the higher settings.



By dreamloverlabs at 2011-03-18 06:19:22 Reply
Thanks for the review Anode! The motor's vibration is better transmitted if it's sandwiched tightly inside the cage as opposed to being free to move and create sound. With clothes on top it's safe to activate outside the home except of course in a very silent environment like a library or office where everyone's quiet... you can always tap your pocket and check your phone to disguise what's really going on :)
By mrfresh at 2011-03-18 08:31:21 Reply
Yes, thanks for taking the time to write up. I take it from this that you resolved your issue with not all pulses getting through? Was it problematic?

I guess I can stop worrying that some anatomies simply won't work with the device?
By anodeuk at 2011-03-18 10:29:10 Reply
Thanks. Cathode and I need to experiment some more (over the weekend) before I'm sure I've cracked the consistent external electrode contact issue. Even if it needs different solutions for different anatomies, it's well worth any extra effort.

The pulse is felt along the penis so the scrotal part is mostly about providing a good return for the circuit and that may vary with humidity, temperature (things shrink in the cold!) etc. I spend most of my time at home and find CB wear more comfortable without underwear, so that may be a factor - although I did check for apparent good contact eg when seated but still no consistent shock then.

Once your owner is confident with the controls and an emergency-stop is not likely to be needed, some extra pressure to hold things together may be the route required and I've mentioned elasticated fabric elsewhere. We're going to try cling film and bondage tape and another option might be this fabric tape from If all else fails, one idea is to wire the bottom electrode back to a stainless steel cockring that is put on before the CB.

My clear impression is that the DL folk will work to devise and provide a solution if a proportion of their customers have an issue.
By dreamloverlabs at 2011-03-18 11:20:01 Reply
We don't have any other similar reports but for reference as you experiment during the weekend, these are the spots we'd check:

- contact between ring terminals and electrodes. Make sure the flat side of the ring terminals are oriented against the flat surface of the electrodes. Tighten everything nicely

- Contact between the terminal inside the cage and the glans

- If all seems right, you may want to open and close the receiver just to make sure the ring terminals on the inside make good contact with the PCB pads below.

Of all the contact points the least problematic to diagnose is that between the lower electrode and the scrotum; pressure is not necessary as long as there is sufficient contact area but you can easily try to push it closer without moving any other part and see how that affects things.

We look forward to hearing your report and remain available to help you diagnose further.
By mrfresh at 2011-03-18 11:10:13 Reply
Anode and Cathode. I love it :-)
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