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Currently working on a story (fiction...at least for now until I find someone to make it all true) that will tell in depth how all of these things can/are used to control someone and make them their slave.

The story will start with the man agreeing to allow a Domme to remote into his computer using Teamviewer where she sets it up for permanent access and takes away his Admin Rights on his computer. She then goes on to install Grounded and Fond Of Writing onto his computer to control his free time and get him used to serving at her whims.

The story will progress from simple things and moderate controls to eventually taking over every aspect of his life. It will include the following methods and techniques (not in the listed order):

1. Teamviewer control - take away Admin, set up pc to Owners requirements.

2. Parental Control software - limit when the slave can use the pc or what sites allowed.

3. Webcam software - forced monitoring and blackmail of the slave...with remote controlled cameras and no privacy in his own home.

4. Keylogger/spyware - gaining access to all the slaves sites and passwords, email, banking info...no privacy.

5. Grounded program - forced to sit at the computer and do nothing but click random buttons for up to hours at a time on a Grey-screened computer.

6. Fond of Writing program - forced to type lines of devotion or submission over and over, with punishments given for errors.

7. Mint dot com - to track all of the slaves spending

8. Brightnest dot com / and Don't Forget The Milk - tasks given to the slave to keep his home clean and organized, set humiliating tasks, forced exercise, and more.

9.Chrono-vault - to deny access to any keys the slave uses when locked up.

10. Chastity keyholding - forced to wear a locked chastity device

11. DL2000 Chastity control - ability to control, shock or stimulate the slave over the internet.

12 Food/diet control/bodybugg - having his groceries ordered for him online by her and told what to eat & mmonitoring calories burned

13. Clothing control - having his clothing slowly replaced by items she orderes for him over the internet.

14. Exposure to others - slave is forced to visit strip clubs where he is teased in chastity and has to tell any dancers that he gets lapdances from about his being locked up and his owner.

15. Serving others - forced to serve as a maid/slave to others chosen by his Domme via connections through the strippers he meets or any ads the Domme places online for him.

16. Total financial control/lockdown - taking over paying all the slaves bills since his paycheck is now deposited directly into her account and he has no access.

17. Internet controlled thermostat, appliance and lock controls - to remove or control any of the slaves comforts and pleasures.

18. Phone tracking software - spyware and other programs that allow the Domme to see everything on the slaves smartphone, remotely listen to his, and see any texts or listen to any calls made or received..again no privacy.

19. GPS tracking/monitoring - using this feature on the slaves phone...she can force him to go where she wants him to, or prevent him from going places as well. She always knows where he is.

20. Larklife a device to control the slaves exercise, sleep and eating habits.

21. There is lots more that can be done, and will be done in the story. And there is always the possibility that these things can really be carried out in real life; there will be no "fictional" devices or software...everything discussed is real and can be carried out, but you may have to read it to see how it is all done.

Not sure if there is a market for this kind of story, but hopefully there is...if not, well it will be a great guide for someone to use. : )

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