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Gender: Male
Status: Connected

I've been fascinated for many years about being locked in a chastity belt or device and forced to serve as a maid.

I don't really consider my self to be a cross dresser, I just find the idea of being forced to be a maid very enticing.

The idea of adding the Dream Lover 2000 to the chastity is a very erotic thought, especially the mobile device.

I already have the Chronovault and that's fun to use. I like to set the timer on the weekends
so that I'm locked up until Monday morning.

Toss in some tease and denial, obedience training, punishments, etc and you'd have a very frustrated sub eager to please you.

I'm not passable so when I'm dressed as a maid I do look rather silly. I hope you'll get a chuckle or two from that.

On the vanilla side, I'm a very smart funny easy going guy who can converse intelligently on most topics. My humor is very much situational so I can guarantee you a hearty chuckle on a regular basis.

On the negative side, I am quite overweight and do need a fair amount of training to become the maid of your desires.

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