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Batteries in stock!

2015-11-02 17:39:17 (51225 views)

Sorry to keep everyone waiting but as you know we had to move manufacturing to the UK due to issues with the batteries. We are now stocked and are e-mailing everyone we know to be waiting for these. If you do not get an e-mail in 24 hours about your battery order that has been previously placed on hold, please contact us (info@) to remind us to fulfill your order.


Trading one full product set to finish our new android app

2015-10-22 17:31:02 (41179 views)

So our previous developer did a lot of work and it was good too, but in the end left us stranded with an unfinished application and is not replying to emails.

Therefore we'd like to find another developer who wishes to complete our new Android application for controlling the DreamLover 2000 and ChronoVault in exchange for our whole product set - DL2000 Pro Mobile Edition + the ChronoVault + free shipping, total value 2500 USD.

Currently there are some small graphical glitches which may require re-saving icons from our original files, as well as some drawing logic to make this display well on tablets and mobiles alike. Stuff related to Linear Layout, and image scaling.

Finally there are just a couple of server queries (such as the function to register an owner) which haven't been implemented.

It's probably 10% of the total work or less, but we're still willing to trade the whole product set because we only put out quality material and we want to be able to be picky and get this tweaked until it looks awesome.

Please submit samples of your work so we know you are qualified, our email is just info @ .

PS: The project files can be opened with Eclipse.

Security upgrade

2015-10-02 11:00:20 (39408 views)

Please note that we are working with our card processing facility to upgrade our security. If you try to put an order through and get any errors between now and the end of November, do not panic. Just contact us and we will fix things. There shouldn't be any problems though (fingers crossed).

BehindBarz integration

2015-09-14 09:13:20 (31048 views)

The folks at BehindBarz are working with one of our clients to create a full metallic chastity belt that is compatible with the DL2000. The structural portion seems complete and they are now working on integrating the electrodes.


2015-08-26 16:11:30 (30707 views)

A user has submitted a DIY method of attaching the DreamLover 2000 to a HolyTrainer chastity device.

- The HolyTrainer is not officially supported
- You take full responsibility if you choose to carry out these modifications and damage the DreamLover 2000 or the HolyTrainer or both.
- We cannot answer questions about this method, but if you have any, you can post them as comments and the original user may or may not choose to reply and help out

Here is the tutorial:

Essentially he cut the rubber attachment piece

And reconnected the shortened portion using the four small black screws. The screws pierce the rubber easily creating four new holes.

("Depending on the user, the above may not be necessary if the user does not mind the rubber strap being too long. I found it better and less noticeable through clothing if the above modification is made")

Then he attached the curved rubber mount to the ring of the HolyTrainer ring.

"Attach the rubber curved section to the top area of the HolyTrainer ring by using two nylon wire ties as show above. The attachment of the wire tie does not impact the HolyTrainer or the wearer of the device (no pinching noted by this user). Attach the unit as you would normally."

"Additional mode made to HolyTrainer to make more comfortable:

Drill hole near inner attachment point nad towards side to allow wire to pass outside and eliminate pinching and crowding of the main shaft area. Works well."

Possible new compatible device by SteelWerks

2015-04-07 09:39:13 (28449 views)

SteelWerks posted a possible new DL2000 compatible device, please do not take this as an endorsement for now as we haven't tested it, but this looks quite good.

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