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Forums > Education Committee Submissions and Outreach > Committee choices

Committee choices

January 29, 2011 06:01 AM (5469 views)

Some excerpts from the discussion. Sorry about the format - this was pasted directly from the EC forum. We think the first course should be a basic introduction to each field, and that following courses could provide more in-depth information.

If you are in the Committee and haven't logged in in a while, please check back in because we're about to choose what subsections to cover in each course.

If you are not in the Committee yet - here's your chance to join, but remember that due to the number of illicit attempts some form of verification (anonymous, but convincing - up to the applicant's wisdom) is required.

What we would like to achieve now is:

(a) make sure there aren't important sections we've omitted

(b) decide which subsections are the most important in each category - these will be included in the first course, limited of course by the necessary time and work.

Please note that according to our philosophy "No two dream lovers are the same", dissent is encouraged here. If there are any items of disagreement we will enable customization on those questions, so that one is not restricted to the default choices when starting a male out on the program.

Comments for consideration by the EC are allowed and encouraged, right below!


Style and beauty courses:


Cunnilingus techniques
G-spot stimulation techniques
How to give Multiple org*sms
Vaginal org*sms
Stimulating the lips and vulva properly
Clitoral Stimulation
Foot massages
Back massages


I Verbal
..a Never talk back to a lady.
..b Never interrupt a lady while she's talking.
..c When ladies are having a discussion, never interject unless invited to.
..d ...
II Standing
..a Stand when a lady enters the room
..b Stand when a lady raises from her seat
III Public Interaction
..a Hold the door open for a lady
....1 The proper technique for opening and hold a car door
....2 What to do in situations where the lady doesn't wish to have the door held open
..b Extend a hand or arm to a lady who might benefit from the support (going up or down stairs, getting in or out of a car, etc).
..c Step aside to let the ladies go first
..d How to greet guests
IV Table Manners, when accompanying
V Table Manners, when serving
VI Telephone manners
VII ...


I Laundry

..a What colors go in what temperatures
..b When and how to use bleach
..c Drier settings for different fabrics
..d How to Iron
....1 Impacts of different temperatures and what's safe for what fabrics
....2 What garments to starch and how much starch is the right amount
..e How to effectively hand wash garments
II Cleaning
..a How often the bed sheets need to be laundered
..b What types of cleaners are best for what types of surfaces and stains
..c How to tell if a surface is really clean
III Dishes
..a How to load and operate a dishwasher (this is debatable - my boyfriend washes dishes by hand, but some ladies might allow their dishwasher to use an automated dishwasher)
IV Windows & Glass picture frames
..a How to give them that 'streak fee shine'
V Dusting
VI Carpet & Vacuuming
..a How to use those rental carpet cleaning unit things
..b How to tell when one of those rental units are needed instead of just vacuuming


1 : Introduction to the kitchen. Learn what all the different cooking utensils are (pot vs. frying pan vs. skillet etc). Learn how to measure different quantities (cup vs. tablespoon vs. teaspoon etc). Learn the difference between a filleting knife and a chopping knife. The objective here is that after completing this course and having a decent cookbook/recipe they ought to be able to make 85% of whatever's out there.

2 : Breakfasts. Learn how to boil eggs. Learn the technique for making eggs over easy (without breaking the yolk). How to make scrambled eggs. Then omelets. How to butter toast without tearing it all apart. How to time things so that neither the toast nor the eggs get cold while waiting for the other.

3 : Basic dinners. How to make the standard typical dinner. How to cook steak to rare, medium-rare, medium, or well done. Preparing chicken, side dishes, etc.

4 : Presentation dinners. How to cook a dinner for a more formal type setting. This would be things from Thanksgiving turkey to those french sounding dinners you get at a formal restaurant.

5 : Deserts. Cookies, pies, cakes, pastries, etc. No fair using pre-made or ready to cook stuff. This is from scratch, like grandma use to make.


Comprehensive butler-skill training



By mtspaces at 2011-01-29 07:13:30 Reply
I didn't see anything about cleaning the bathroom.
By dreamloverlabs at 2011-01-29 08:15:36 Reply

If anyone here is a professional or at least somewhat experienced chef or experienced in any other areas we're dealing with please step forward...

There are some simulation parameters that cannot be inferred from the recipes. For instance by how much the recommended cooking time must be exceeded before an item is considered "burned"...
By Norman1066 at 2011-01-30 03:41:59 Reply
Will you cover the meaning of the symbols on garment labels? (I know they're supposed to be obvious to you but I'm male).
How often to wash towels and drying up cloths or alternatively how to tell that they need washing.
Drying up and how to check the shine on crockery and cutlery to see if they are truly clean or need to be washed again.
I presume the bed sheet section will include other bed items, pillow cases, blankets, duvets or for the old fashioned maybe eiderdowns and what I seem to remember referred to as counterpanes. Vacuuming and turning matresses. Making beds properly.

Maybe a separate introductory course on etiquette when dressed as a maid? Advanced courses should perhaps continue to be taught by a professional mistress but surely they get bored teaching the basics and would appreciate automating the initial training, and have it cover everything without forgetting some small part. The butler training covers a lot but I expect it does not cover things like helping a lady dress or take a bath or shower (where to look and not look?), brushing her hair etc, though maybe they are not items for an introductory course. That is for you to decide naturally.

By jjjhouston at 2011-06-06 07:39:20 Reply
Under etiquette, I'd suggest the following additional items:

- Kneeling to show proper respect whenever lady enters the room
- Properly "greeting" lady by kneeling, bending over and kissing her feet
- No speaking without permission
- No eye contact; eyes should remain lowered and to a lady's feet
- No touching any part of a lady's body without 1st receiving permission
- No moving without 1st receiving permission
- Responding: "Yes Mistress, Yes Ma'am, etc"
- Never disagreeing with lady even if she is purposely saying something wrong
- All Play Sessions begin and end by showing respect and submissiveness via passionate foot worship
By Stara at 2012-01-02 00:50:01 Reply
Our cousin Stars is a licensed chef and Rocket Scientist. We (his girl cousins and kin) have threatened to sell him... I am asking him about your cooking questions while I have him fuming over my occupation of his laptop he he he.

He says there are guidelines to cooking specific foods and general guidelines are part of Food Handling/Management Certifications. Apparently you cook to temperatures that vary according to food types the hold at 140F degrees. It probably will not burn at holding temperatures but generally dries out and degrades if held for long.

I asked him if this would be a fair test question and he said get off his computer. But he really is sweet and he added that he posts the guidelines in his kitchens and has thermometers to assure the completion of the cooking.
By lacyshighheels at 2012-02-01 17:48:09 Reply
Just wanted to ask and maybe suggest that some courses in crossdressing for the sissy males who want to be chastised would be appropriate. Clothing matching, picking outfits for the ocassion, etc. It would definitely be appreciated by their Mistress'.
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