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Forums > Male training > Dreamlover 2000 mounted to Steelworxx Tube Jacket 02

Dreamlover 2000 mounted to Steelworxx Tube Jacket 02

November 08, 2017 02:11 PM (1846 views)

I have adapted my Steelworxx Tube Jacket to work with Dreamlover 2000.

I did this by adding a stainless-steel ring to be used as an A-ring. The purpose of the ring is to

1) Add a second contact point

2) Add somewhere for the device to be mounted.

The first contact point is the cage itself. The piercing pin simply passes through the eyelet for one wire. This does not cause the pin to be the contact point, but the entire cage, since it is all metal.

The second is a steel ring. I soldered a wire to it and connected that to the second lead on the DL2k.

The DL2K is attached (for now) with a silicone strap that wraps around the steel ring and bolts to the DL2k. I am planning on contacting Steelworxx to inquire about welding an attachment plate.

Once the ring is installed, the cage is then locked on. The ring is not able to be removed at this point, and there are 2 points of contact.

The pulse feels similar as it does with the CBx series. The best way I can describe it: being snapped with a rubber band.



By JonBoyTC at 2017-11-17 14:53:00 Reply
I have also successfully connected my new DL2000 to my steel tube which attaches to a full metal belt. I used two pieces of stainless steel banding material insulated against the tube using a piece of electrical tape as the contacts. The stainless steel band is from those metal hose clamps that you can get at any hardware store. The strips are rigid yet flexible enough to maintain its shape once bent and allow a very custom like fit into any cage, even plastic. For my first stab at it it all turned out very well! Let me know if any of ya'll out there are curious with creating something similar for yourselves.
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