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Forums > Education Committee Submissions and Outreach > Another Course Suggestion (brainwashing)

Another Course Suggestion (brainwashing)

February 05, 2012 05:02 PM (5479 views)

I know as a submissive I want to feel like I'm losing control over my behavior. I want to feel like I'm being directly affected by this device. So I feel like there needs to be a brainwashing course. I have made flash videos of my previous girlfriend using pictures of her face quickly inter-spliced with white background text jpgs. with the words "obey" and "serve", "she is your mistress" and "you love her". I watch these with the fantasy that I have no choice. That either I'm tied or strapped down against my will and forced to watch them. With your devices ability to 'tether' itself to the computer it wouldn't seem to be at all difficult to script up a program that 'pings' the device at random intervals making sure that I'm within watching distance. Also it seems as though doling out rewards through a vibration when completed would help mold the psyche into eventually wanting to watch this flash program. Then the mistress could slowly extend the duration of the viewing...almost with out the slaves knowledge. So soon when the slave comes home he will want to run upstairs and watch images of his mistress flash before his eyes...wanting to 'obey' and wanting to 'serve'.
I guess the suggestion would be to set up an easy to use flash program. Where you can just drag the images into it, choose the stock text windows, and then choose a time during the day to run it. Choose a time and the pain will start slowly and increase until he has run the program and stayed close to the screen until completion.
Let me end this by saying that I love this device. I don't have one, and I don't have the money to get one, but by god this device is amazing. Just coming on to this site and reading through whats been written gives me hope that one day I will find someone who will put me into one of these things and proceed to destroy me.



By SissyBarbie1066 at 2012-02-08 12:22:28 Reply
How about showing pictures of other women or random images from the internet or live TV and now again one of the pictures which have been loaded in. When you see your Wife/Mistress/girl friend then you have to get down so you are in the DL200's 'canine' position. i.e. prostrate yourself before her. If you fail to do it you get level one. Fail twice in a row and get level two etc. Assuming you are serious and not just taking the Mick out of us.
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