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Forums > Education Committee Submissions and Outreach > Further course suggestion (secretarial)

Further course suggestion (secretarial)

January 02, 2012 03:01 AM (4687 views)

I wonder if DreamLover 2000's low level neuro-plasticity could be harnessed best in learning tasks which require the suspension of higher level brain function. In particular I have read that a traditional secretary or 50 years ago had to enter a trance like state when taking shorthand dictation from her employer to allow the information to flow from her ears to her pencil without any distracting thoughts or even awareness of what might be going on around her. How wonderful would it be to turn the tables and have a male do shorthand for his Mistress or wife. I know my Mistress hates sending emails, but that is a job I could do for her. In fact I prefer sending emails as it gives me time to think. Why should a Mistress have a dog and bark herself? I am in my late 50s and I doubt I could learn shorthand in the normal way but maybe with a DL2000 and a secretarial course I could. It might require a computer based virtual notepad to capture the shorthand strokes but these are available, for instance postal authorities and supermarkets capture signatures with similar devices, though the quality is not very good on some I have seen, that does not mean there are not good ones out there too. There are probably ones which can be used as peripherals to desktop or laptop computers too. The trackpad on my Mac comes close but I would think one which uses a stylus might be better for this.

A course should also cover audio typing. A Mistress (or other lady) could record her voice on any modern device, I think iPods can record, certainly any mobile phone could be used to leave voice male for the maid or husband or butler to type for her.

There are already computer based courses for learning touch typing such as the old one 'Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing'. I understand this tests the student and issues warning of what is being done wrong. How much more effective would it be to issue a pulse instantly a mistake was made rather than a text message at the end of the exercise! Personally I was never taught typing, I picked it up making punched cards for programming mainframe computers then added lower case on teleprinters later then along came microcomputers which eventually gained full keyboards. Whilst I do not need to look at the keyboard any more I know I cannot type as fast as the girls in the old fashioned typing pools.

Thank you for your time in reading this ladies (and their subordinate males),

sissie barbie 1066 (formerly Norman1066)



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