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Forums > Education Committee Submissions and Outreach > Course Suggestions

Course Suggestions

December 03, 2011 06:12 AM (5899 views)

Here a few suggestions for your courseware:
- Gorean Positions - nothing stops a male slave dead in his tracks like asking him to assume a submissive position (or a jolt :-)).

- Male Vulnerable Positions - The Gorean Positions were designed for mostly for women. Male Vulnerable Positions put the butt up with legs open for access to the male genitals.

- Rules - "Report in at....", "Permission to eat, ...", "Clothing restrictions", ...

- Brainwashing - Audio bits to reinforce

- Owner's Guide - How do owners fit into the training

I also offer to be a Beta Tester (NDA, Prepaid, Feedback) if you are looking for such.

These are humble suggestions, not fishing or requirements, ...



By nap60647 at 2011-12-09 21:19:00 Reply
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe it's possible to design your own courseware. I'd love to collaborate.
By Norman1066 at 2011-12-11 01:13:29 Reply
I presume the male vulnerable position with the legs apart is for a kick. I am not sure how effective that would be inside a chastity device, especially a Latowski device which is effectively armour. Also sissy maids may have their knees bound together to produce feminine style movement. As I type this I am like that so maybe the female positions you speak of would be more possible though I am unfamiliar with them.

Not just permission to eat, could cover all bodily functions, two in three out. P.S. with the right fantasy in the brain it is possible to come fully in a CB3000 even with points of intrigue installed.

Having just watched the UK's 'Strictly come dancing' semi final last night I wonder if it would be possible to have a course which cured 'two left feet' syndrome or merely overcame the reluctance to dance and become proficient, I'm not sure the advanced level exhibited last night would be attainable but maybe. There is of course the question of whether to teach the proper male steps and how to lead and lift the lady or whether a sissy would want to learn the female steps but if I ever wanted it I think it would be the male steps even though I would love wearing the fantastic dresses at other times, I can't see anyone lifting my 83kg (down from 105). If the gay Russell Grant can do the male steps so can a straight transvestite like me but others might well think differently. This would have to be a very different type of course using the accelerometers in the DL2000 rather than keyboard entry and would involve either the lady owner or a professional instructor unlike the other self study courses. Input from either the partner or from some kind of judges might be necessary too. An online video camera and REALLY complex software might do the job but it would probably be quite at the leading edge of artificial intelligence. Maybe beyond what is possible right now.

I suppose it might even be possible to teach the Eastern solo dances to a sissy who wanted to entertain his/her mistress or other lady owner and possibly the normal text based course could be part of it. I'm not sure if that appeals to the ladies who read this or not. It would take humiliation to a new level. Maybe they would prefer a more 'Chippendale' type of dancing, if so, so be it, they are the bosses here.

Has anyone suggested any of the more time intensive needlework arts like embroidery, lace making, tapestry, knitting, crochet, patchwork quilt and maybe other things like making necklaces and other jewellery, just go to a craft/hobby store and look at all the feminine arts they cater for. More mundane things like darning socks and using a sewing machine could be handy too. Dressmaking?

Just a few more thoughts, nothing I need but things I might pay for if they happened to be available.

I am also making the presumption that the courses can be taken without wearing a DL2000, just the rate of learning would quite likely be much slower.
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