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Forums > Male training > PonyOnyx's progress report for November

PonyOnyx's progress report for November

November 30, 2011 02:11 PM (5992 views)

I am reporting on the progress Mistress and I are making to achieve true long term chastity. We started this three weeks ago and I wanted to indicate some of the issues I have had with both the chastity device and the DL2000 system. I ordered a CB-6000S and the DL2000 male management system. The CB-6000S arrived first and was immediately installed using the 1 7/8" ring and the short spacer. These choices proved to be a mistake as I will explain. The DL2000 system arrived a few days later and was also installed. After about a week the scrotum swelled up and was very sensitive to the touch. Mistress Gwen allowed me to remove the ring but left the tube in place being retained by the DL2000. After the ring removal it could be seen where the skin was rubbed raw and was bleeding. The next day the swelling of the penis went down and it started to come out of the tube so I was ordered to put the ring back on this time using the 2" ring. A few hours later the swelling started again and I slept with it on and in the morning it will be re-evaluated. The following morning Mistress Gwen instructed for the chastity device to be removed so that the skin on the scrotum can heal. At a later date it will be re-installed hopefully without the problems of the skin being rubbed raw. After about a week the 2" ring was put on by itself and after a few days the tube and DL2000 was reattached using the #2 spacer. The next day there was more swelling so I got permission to remove the tube over night and the next day switch to the #4 (longest) spacer with the tube back on. Now three days later using the 2"ring and the longest spacer things are stabilized and there doesn't seem to be any additional swelling. I have also had some problems with skin abrasion from the waist band so I put some pads under it till the skin gets toughened up. I also put a pad under the receiver itself for the same reason. So what should have been done here is to start off using the largest ring and spacer and step down gradually over time as required. To be more cautious one could put on just the ring for a week then the tube, sort of a two step approach.

The DL2000 receiver is really nice. Small and other than battery replacement maintenance free. I did have a problem with no current flowing that turned out to be from the screws on the back not being properly tightened. I am ordering some moisture detection strips that change color in the presence of moisture (more than 55% RH) placing one strip on top of the battery attached with a small strip of tape will provide for an easy way to detect the presence of a leak before any damage can occur.

The remote is nice although I thought the time out is rather short. It would be nice if it was a minute or so.

The DL_Uplink application has been running smoothly with only one problem. As I am logged in continuously for maximum access by Mistress Gwen, when the server is not available I am logged out but the profile for me still shows me as being logged in which could be confusing. I don't know if I show up in the management menu or not. It would be nice if the DL_Uplink app would automatically log me back into the MMS when the server is placed back into service.

So now to the big question I suppose all the males might want to know about. How am I doing with out any orgasms. Well to reach long term chastity where the penis is dripping means that I have to be committed to remaining chaste for a very long time and that commitment has been made and will have to be honored. This could take many months but must be done and once there. after reaching that place does one really want to spoil it with an orgasm? Well the answer is really not my choice anymore so I am just going along for the ride wherever it takes me. So more to the point I really missed orgasms during the first two weeks but after that the feeling has become really quite pleasurable and I am beginning to really enjoy it.

So that is the progress so far and unless otherwise instructed I will be posting this monthly.

Yours in chastity




By dreamloverlabs at 2011-11-30 20:48:53 Reply
Thanks for this report.

1. We would like to switch to a softer, stretchable waistband. It will be more comfortable but less secure. What does everyone think?

2. The Uplink application needs an auto-reconnect feature. This is a known issue to be fixed in new releases.

3. Detecting "logged out" status is a common issue in all web apps, there is a timeout set for when the application isn't able to notify the server. The compromise is between quickly reflecting the logged out status, and accommodating for server delays. If you get logged out due to an internet connection problem and wait a bit you will see that your status will be shown as offline. But if you click "logout" then the status will change immediately. Regardless, when the owner sends a command, the command is not tagged as delivered until the Uplink retrieves it, so you are not missing any packets.

Also please remember that you should not be using the remote management features without video/audio contact with the owner for safety reasons. This also makes any internet problems immediately evident.

Thanks for your feedback

By PonyOnyx at 2011-11-30 21:15:42 Reply
Thank you for the explanation about how the commands are not tagged as delivered until the Uplink retrieves it. I will pass this on to Mistress Gwen. What she does it use the summon function to page me and I call her on the phone to continue the management session from there.

On the waste band I am looking at making one that will:
- Not be affected by water
- Be lockable
- Strong enough to hold the receiver in the correct position for canine mode and
- Be soft where it contacts the skin to prevent abrasion problems.

Thanks again for your feedback.

By dreamloverlabs at 2011-12-01 01:58:58 Reply
The requirements are unfortunately conflicting, which is why we weren't able to find such a material even visiting all the material markets.

Fabric that feels awesome on the skin, such as thick bands used for quality men's underwear, is stretchable (so it's not lockable). But supposedly training is consensual... It's also affected by water (though it can be dried with a hair dryer).

What we include now isn't affected by water because it's a synthetic material, but it doesn't feel as good obviously. And it's the only thing out there with holes. Trying to make our holes was an insanely complex job, the holes were all at different angles, different sizes, we spent weeks exploring that option with no results going to factories and renting tools...

There's also the problem that textile projects have huge minimum order quantities. 5000 or more.

So at this point making the waistband better would be a 1-2 month full time project and require making molds for custom metallic parts... tons of R&D... and trying to waterproof leather (?) with non-toxic products... absolutely no way to justify this commercially (same actually goes for everything else that went into the product, but we then had the benefit of not having a clue, and so it was a lot of fun).
By bjedim at 2012-02-20 01:07:44 Reply
How about using the current "belt" as a core type material in a softer exterior/lining such as foam rubber. It could be used to line the inside portion (in contact with body) of the "belt" somehow. The simplest way I can think to do so would be to use two layers of the materials equally "fitted", and then machine sewn with some durable synthetic thread. The things to investigate would be how durable is the foam rubber and thread, and can some be found that fit your requirements. Just my thoughts, good luck on finding a solution.
By PonyOnyx at 2012-03-15 12:01:26 Reply
I have a design that I think will work that will be made using a fabric re-enforced neoprene material made by Mr. S Leather in San Francisco. It is currently on the back burner as I am dealing with acclimation issues with the CB-6000S device which is proving more difficult to wear without bleeding than first thought.

Pony Onyx
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