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Forums > Male training > keeping my boyfriend weak , submissive & gain control.

keeping my boyfriend weak , submissive & gain control.

November 28, 2011 03:11 PM (26768 views)

My mum always told me the old sayings that, if i want to capture a man's heart , I have to learn how to cook nice food to fill up his stomach.As a form of control over him. Although I did , my boyfriend was sometimes nice to me & sometimes not so nice to me.It makes my control over him pretty difficult.

Whenever we had a outing together , I did take notice that his eyes would focus on other ladies who wear skirts , stockings , heels & mini skirts with net underskirt , hence giving me less attention to me. When i confronted him , he finally complained me , that's because I'm not wearing skirts , heels , stockings. I not feminine enough & always wear pants.

When my boyfriend told me , I was taken a back , I agree with him that , I will wear but not 24/7 .

After i give in to his demands , he was initially very thrilled , his attitude towards me have changed , but his habit of looking at other ladies in skirts , heels & stockings have not changed & this time round he said wanted me to wear it everyday to satisfy him.

I refuse to give in. However I notice that everytime when i put on skirts ,heels ,stockings , he will treat me very nice & agrees to whatever requests i wanted.

Does my boyfriend have a fetish for skirts , stockings & heels ?
If yes how do i make use of his fetish to my advantage ?
Should I wear skirts 24/7 to get his attention ?
which type of skirts would you recommend me to wear ? as there are too many types of skirts eg: pencil , round , tweed , mini , hobble , high waist ? Satin materials for skirts will it make me more feminine ?
As for heels , will satin pointed toe heels a good choice ?
stockings ? how about half slip ? How about my tops ? strapless , camisoles , blouse & what should the material & color be ?

I badly need your advise to make my boyfriend weak , submissive & had him under my control.




By dreamloverlabs at 2011-11-28 21:58:18 Reply
Please visit our theory section and read some of the beginning male training articles, particularly those related to inducing your male to accept a chastity regimen, such as "Harnessing the male ego".
By verlansiertan88 at 2011-11-29 00:27:37 Reply
Dear Madam ,

My boyfriend is taller & bigger in size than me , if I suggest this chasity thing to him , he will not accept & give all sorts of excuse to reject the idea.

By verlansiertan88 at 2011-11-29 04:02:06 Reply
The point thing is how do i trick my boyfriend ?
By rmtraining at 2011-11-30 04:41:07 Reply
Hmmmmm.... you don't trick him. He sounds like he may be the dominant one in your relationship. If you want to dominate, take control of the relationship. You may need to wear the eye candy but tell him that you will do so only if he wears the DLL/chastity.

He may still look at others but you now have a way to discourage that behaviour (zappp). If he refuses to wear it, well, find another boyfriend or learn to live as the sub.

Guys are visual, have short attention spans, and have a natural desire to look at shiney things (other dressed up women). You can train them to stop this but it takes work.
By verlansiertan88 at 2011-11-30 07:05:28 Reply
Hi Rmtraining ,

Your method is strike a deal for a deal with my boyfriend ?

If I agree to wear skirts , he shall wear the chasity belt under my conditions.

By verlansiertan88 at 2011-11-30 08:20:33 Reply
Not a bad idea too , a deal for a deal .
By rmtraining at 2011-11-30 14:44:58 Reply
Yes, ultimately you can wear the clothes that he likes far longer than he can go with out. Additionally, if you add the negative reinforcement of the DLL MMS when he "behaves badly", you may be able to "train" him out of his bad habits.

Keep in mind that is somewhat "natural" for us guys to want to look. However, it is disrespectful and a bad habit that should be eliminated.
By verlansiertan88 at 2011-12-01 01:49:45 Reply
Rmtraining ,

which type of skirts would you recommend me to wear , in order to make me look feminine , powerful & dominant ? some skirts have slits & net underskirt.

As for tops , should it be blouse or strapless tops ?

the material should be satin & silky ?

I'm thinking half slip be worn & shown beneath my skirt to attract my boyfriend's attention.

By rmtraining at 2011-12-01 19:38:17 Reply
Wow, I don't think that I have been asked that before.

The effect that you want is the Olivia Newton-John effect (last 10 minutes of the movie) from "Grease". "You are the one that I want"

I would watch him. What does he look at (on other women)? Is he into short skirts (and is the weather warm enough for you to pull that off)? Tight clothes? High heels? Open shoes? Low cut shirts? Showing skin in back? Midrif shirts? Hair up or down?

Additionally, what looks good on you? Are you tall? What will your friends tolerate? Work?

Dress in something that gets his attention but won't set off alarms around you.

Best Wishes - let me know how it works out....
By verlansiertan88 at 2011-12-02 04:26:31 Reply
Rmtraining ,

I think I will bring my boyfriend to a departmental store & ask him buy me a few tops & bottoms , from there I will roughly know which type will he be more attracted to.

By spolarski at 2011-12-02 07:10:56 Reply
Verlansier, yes you want to use black nylons or fishnets, black high heels and black leather or latex skirts or corsets to entice and excite your man. Men are psychologically turned on to black and see it as power in a sexual setting. It is even better if you can let his see your upskirt into a black panty or thong underneath, and wear the outfit above him in a facesitting or queening situation. Once he is aroused and submissive, you have established your power and are ready to chastise him, deny him orgasm and tease him for extended periods under your control without ejaculation. Your appearance will be necessary to get him through the initial denial period and training period that should take him through day 7 without orgasm. Afterwards, he becomes yours during his maximum courtship period on days 8 to 12. You then should be lifting or removing that black skirt to teach your man controlled penetration and oral servicing of you without allowing him orgasm.
By verlansiertan88 at 2011-12-02 09:11:36 Reply
Thank you Sporlaski for your advise.
By saharaheve at 2011-12-15 14:37:32 Reply
Heels and skirts and all the other accessories men fetishize are nice, yes, but attitude and assertiveness is what a Woman really needs to focus on. You can be dressed in all that stuff and still not have "the right stuff," if you know what I mean. The goal is control males, not be a hollow sex object for them.
By professorjeff at 2012-02-22 22:43:38 Reply
Amen. YOU are right on the mark.

I am now convinced that the only safe and good male is the one that is under the control of a WOMAN -- and one that does not take any "guff" from an inferior male!!

YOUR man will be lucky!
By JE001 at 2015-03-13 13:32:16 Reply
It sounds like to me he has a strong attraction to feminine clothing. I think it's highly possible that you could introduce something feminine into his wardrobe. Connect it with his sexual pleasure and you will have broken down the barrier. Given time and pulling all the right strings may very well open the door to a female-led relationship where you wear the pants, both figuratively and literally, while he finds himself wearing the pretty skirts,and dresses, and lingerie in the relationship, and submitting to you. Most certainly if you can introduce using the DreamLover 2000 Male Management System to your lifestyle, it will make anything you desire become possible.
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