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Forums > Male training > chastity and shrinking

chastity and shrinking

July 28, 2011 12:07 PM (23866 views)

I found a very intesting text in the internet and i thought this site
is the right place to share it:

Prolonged chastity can definitely cause atropjy and shrinkage of the genitals. The old phrase "use it or loos it" is so true. But this takes months to occur. The initial respone to chastity is of course an exaggerated sense of need, and is associated with more frequent erections, thoughts of sexual nature and frequent involuntary emmissions of semen. Of course, use of a chastity device that prevents erection willl usually prevent ejaculation as well- it is a rare phenomena for a man to ejaculate without an erection. Thus a chastity device is the most efective means of controlling male sexuality. Lack of emmission results in emgorgement of the pelvic venous system, resulting in the "blue balls" so frequently described. ut not just the testicles are engorged. The prostate can become very engorged and enlarged as well, up to 4 or 5 times it's normal size. This is a most uncomfortable sensation for most men, and can interfer with urination. It is advisable for the key holder to allow occasional ejaculations to treat this, but is not always necessary. A key holder with medical or nursing training may opt for placement of a urinary catheter instead. This can be done with some types of chastity tubes in place. Alternatively, the device can be removed and the catheter placed then. Under these circumstances, placement of the ctheter always results in an intense erection. do not interpret this as a failure of therapy. Place ment of the catheter can be somewhat erotic for the keyholder, but is mildly uncomfortable for the male. The cahteter of course passes throught the penile urethra and then through the prostate before reaching the bladder. Once the catheter is in the bladder, ejaculation is quite difficult and your are on safe ground. He may remain erect, but it is unlikely that he will be able to ejaculate as the catheter blocks release of semen from the prostate into the urethra. This has even been the seed of research into male birth control devices, but has not gained wide acceptance.
Chronic chastity has the opposite effect. The enlarged prostste instead starts to shrink and become atrophic. It becomes less responsive to testosterone. Systemic testosterone levels can remain normal or even be above normal. But productin of semen in the prostate drops off dramatically after 3 months of chastity. The penis begins to shrink as well, but this takes longer in most males. At one year the shrinkage is marked. After longer periods, the external genitalia are about 50 % of their normal adult size. Responsiveness to testosterone is minimal and erections are rare for sometime even after the chastity device is removed for longer periods of time. Some couples find that it is completely safe to remove the device for days or weeks at a time. The man has, at least temporarily, an asexual being. The keyholder can go about her daily activities without concern that her mate may become erect. Many women enjoy this freedom and the power of having her man surrender his sexual life for her. She may enjoy flaunting this by not allowing her man to wear clothing, inorder to display his irrelevant genitalia. It is a heady experience to demand your mate watch as you dress or undress, bath or even masturbate- demonstrating his impotence. This is however a temporary situation. With time he will again achive erection. At first the erections will be small (less than one half the size of the erection prior to treatment), about the size of a thumb, and incapable of adequate penetration. But with time, the condition does revert to normal.

The text is from the site:



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