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Course report card

CourseLast scoreLast score detailsLast 3 trials average
DS101100% (A+)
Supplies  100%
Tidy and Clean the Living Room  100%
Clean the bathroom  100%
Laundry  100%
Take out the Trash  100%
Prepare and serve a meal  100%
Serve tea, coffee and drinks  100%

Test date: 2014-11-17 12:07:46
Total completion time: 0:28:03
Connected devices: DreamLover 2000, ChronoVault
100% (A+)

* ChronoVault usage at course time only guarantees incentives when the user is not the device owner, or ownership remains assigned to another user until the resulting timer has elapsed. DreamLover 2000 usage is ensured by means of Stealth Pulses (please refer to the User's Guide for more information)

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