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Forums > Questions and feedback about DreamLover products > Reinvigorating a cash cow

Reinvigorating a cash cow

February 23, 2020 09:02 AM (3206 views)

It has been many years since DreamLover was developed. Technology has moved on in the interveneing years. I do not know the exact type of single chip microprocessor is in the DL2000, but I feel sure that a more modern version would be availible now with a larger program memory and just possibly a facility to execute code in random access memory which could be updated without going to the cost of doing FCC approval for every little software tweak. The world has moved on and most homes have WiFi and most places outside the third world have mobile phone networks. Whilst DreamLover Mobile Edition is a good product, I feel that ditching the radio control designed primarily for key fobs to open cars and using WiFi and Mobile networks instead would be beneficial.

Probably more importantly the design is limited by the power budget imposed by using what was at the time the best available battery. I think the battery should be replaced with a rechargable cell and it should be recharged weekly or if necessary, daily using an inductive loop similar to the way toothbrushes are recharged. A user should never have to open the case of the DL2000 and risk ruining it by testing the integrity of the waterproofing. I for one was seriously put off by this and still regard it as an accident waiting to happen. The DL2000 should be factory sealed, probably with an opaque case and the contents should be a mystery to the wearer, who should regard the device and his Mistress' control of him to be "Magic". He should not know how his Mistress makes him do things he would have previously rejected totally. He would be punished if the battery charge fell below say 50%, maybe by being denied sleep until it was fully charged. The accelerometers could be used to monitor his movements to make sure he is not asleep.

This facility could also be used to make sure the male gets up and starts work at a time specified by his Mistress and goes to bed to sleep in the evening when his Mistress decides. He should of course charge the battery whilst still in bed. Canine mode is not the only way to use accelerometers if you have a power budget to allow them to be monitored 24/7.

Whilst the existing remote control could be retained it should be modified to use WiFi and/or mobile network and also be recharged more regularly so the Mistress should not have to remember to wake it up when she wants to use it. However I think the main control should be the Mistress' mobile phone. A male would not see his Mistress pick up the remote control, a mobile is often used for other things and he would not have any warning his Mistress is about to discipline him until he feels a shock.

I do like the idea of drills, GPS tracking and issuing a male with instructions over the mobile phone but I hate the DL-Link plugged into an adaptor cable hanging out the end.

I have no doubt that there are other ideas buzzing around in my head and more that other males, Mistresses and yourselves could come up with.

Lets make DL2k more valuable. Mistresses should be able to see the cost benfit of a tightly controlled sissy maid for instance. Much cheaper than paying for a cleaner to come in regularly and do the chores, and a sissy maid can do more than a cleaner. Much more convenient than doing the chores herself or having to wear herself out doing corporal punishment.



By ahsdfjklhfw at 2020-02-27 12:26:27 Reply
I (unfortunately) am not an owner of a DL200 but here's my two cents about the hardware:

Frankly, the lite and pro versions are obsolete. There's no reason for someone to carry around an extra controller in their pocket because smart phones that are compatible with this device have become totally ubiquitous. (this wasn't true when it came out ten or so years ago) I'm not aware of a single currently released phone that doesn't have USB host support

There's also clones of this product on the market that sell for about 1/20th the cost. I cannot attest to their quality or reliability but just googling "electric chastity cage" will yield some.

The mobile edition already does some light form of scripting. I believe this is done entirely on the wearer's phone and then the pulse commands are sent to the device via some wireless serial link, though I'm not sure. Either way a more capable processor undoubtedly exists but I don't believe storing such scripting on the device itself is necessary. Maybe someone can think of some fun uses for that but I'm drawing a blank right now.

The only thing I'd change about the hardware is to move to BLE (bluetooth low-energy) but that's only if the limited range of BLE allows it. The inductive charging thing sounds really neat but it's actually pretty not difficult to form a hermetic seal with a couple rubber gaskets.

This entire site needs also a massive overhaul. It was built in 2009 or so and hasn't been updated since. The website itself is very mobile unfriendly. Also just about all the external links in the "male training theory" section are dead. It's become nigh-impossible to find dreamloverlabs on any search engine without directly searching the company's name or product. I'm not really sure why this is, I don't know anything about SEO.

The only reason I even know about this thing is because I've followed its development since it made a bunch of headlines in 2011 or so, and I still check their blog about once a month to see if anything new has been posted about it. It's a shame they have been almost completely silent, the hardware is really freaking cool in my opinion.
By Headtrip at 2020-03-20 17:52:12 Reply
Totally agree with above. For me to be interested then either the current system has to be a fraction of the current cost or the system brought very up to date.

A bluetooth enabled receiver (like some low cost dog collars today) could eliminate the need for the KH remote and USB Link. And a cool programming mode could invoke correction whenever the wearer disables bluetooth, for example. There are so many more cool things...

By cacao at 2020-11-12 08:01:43 Reply
It’s time for a new DL2020.
Keep all functionality of DL2000 like leash mode, Remote control, etc..
But add new:
1) Rechargeable battery. The wearer should be warned if the battery goes beyond a defined level and punish if not recharging after a delay. The level could be redefined by Mistress in regards of her plans. Should be nice to recharge without contact. It can be done during night even if this require the servant to be attached.
2) Wifi-Bluetooth. This can be useful to send status and receive command. Bluetooth can also be used to forbid servant to use his computer or mobile.
3) Accelerometer could be more exploited. It can enforce or forbid different position. For example, it can forbid the wearer to sit. It can also force immobility or activity and the rhythm and intensity of activity. For example, if Mistress want a massage, the servant should stay close to her and be in continuous slow movement during the defined time or until Mistress decide to stop. It can also check if the servant is up at defined time in the morning to prepare the house for the wakening of his Mistress.
4) Leash mode can be extended with multiple DL2K-Link. Some should be in range, other should be not. This can forbid some rooms and keep Servant in house.
5) DL2020 should be fully operational without mobile. Mistress should be able to prohibit mobile to her servant without losing full control and usage of him.
6) GPS is a nice to have but maybe too expansive and power consuming.
7) Decrease price. If DL2020 will be more affordable, you will sell lot more.
I say Mistress but the term can be replaced by Mister, Master, Owner or what you want.

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