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Forums > Questions and feedback about DreamLover products > The software could really use auto reconnect

The software could really use auto reconnect

January 19, 2019 11:01 AM (2361 views)

A reconnect automatically feature. I am under instruction to keep the D2000 connected to the internet whenever I am home.

Every now and then the software has disconnected for what reason I do not know but it is impossible to notice right away. There is no warning that disconnection occurred

The software could really use a reconnect automatically feature so that after these drop outs it reconnects or keeps trying to reconnect until it is successful or manually disconnected

At the very least a warning beep or alarm would be useful to let the user know they have been disconnected.



By bdsamm at 2019-01-21 10:38:02 Reply
I think there are a lot of us who would really like an auto reconnect feature. Mine disconnects at least once a day or more.
By cupcake at 2019-01-24 12:33:05 Reply
Agree 100%. This would be a great help.

Maybe a "summon" or pulse, or other silent command, but anything to let the wearer know to attend to the problem.

With a dialogue popup, it could be the next day or more before you may be aware.
By Personal Property at 2019-02-06 10:15:11 Reply
# DL Uplink Monitor Script v3
# Monitor the DL Uplink Applications and automatically re-connect
# if the application drops its connection to the main server.
# For use with the DL Uplink 1.5 application (
# This script is written for the AutoIT script utility (

# Enable the hover-over debug on the Icon so I know what line
# The script is executing
AutoItSetOption ("TrayIconDebug", 1);0-off

# Repeat forever
While True
# Assume the DL Uplink Application is running
If WinExists("DL Uplink") Then
# Need to find a way to check if the "Connect" option is dimmed
# For now we just click on that part of the bar regargless of state
# I haven't found a good way to click the specific button, but this works
# I found we can get multiple Login Windows. Do not click if present
If Not (WinExists ("Login", "")) Then
ControlClick( "DL Uplink", "", "[NAME:toolStrip1]", "left", 1, 30, 30)
# Try to raise the Login Window
WinActivate ("Login", "")

# Wait for 30 seconds fo the Login Window after clicking 'Connect'
WinWait("Login", "", 30)
If WinExists ("Login", "") Then
ControlClick ("Login", "Login", "[NAME:button1]")
Sleep (30000)

# Look for error dialogs

# Connection error
If WinExists ("Connection error", "") Then
ControlClick ("Connection error", "OK", "[ID:2]")

# During server maintinance the logins will fail.
If WinExists ("[CLASS:#32770]", "") Then
# This should handle the following errors:
# Login response unsuccessful
# Connection error
ControlClick ("[CLASS:#32770]", "", "[ID:2]")

# During server maintinance the logins will fail.
# Look for additional error dialogs:

# The SQL query fails to connect to the database
If WinExists ("[CLASS:#32770]", "Server error") Then
ControlClick ("[CLASS:#32770]", "", "[ID:2]")

# Male Management Server unreachable. Server offline or internet connection is down. Please try later or diagnose your internet connection.
If WinExists ("[CLASS:#32770]", "Connection error") Then
ControlClick ("[CLASS:#32770]", "", "[ID:2]")

# Do not reduce this timeout, polling a downed server is useless
# and will likely get this script banned. You can wait 5 minutes,
# especially if its automated.
Sleep (300000)

# End of script
By sub3604 at 2019-02-07 11:46:09 Reply
An automatic pulse would solve the problem except it wouldn't be good if the connection really did go down and you just kept getting zapped

Maybe a triple auto pulse would work but I was thinking along the lines of the software tries to reconnect and keeps trying until it does it successfully.

Either of these options would be just a software update and not require modification of the receiver
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