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Forums > Male training > Ideas for more courses

Ideas for more courses

October 06, 2010 12:10 PM (5692 views)

Ok so far the list of automatic courses that will be available for the DL2000 are Introduction to Domestic Service, Intermediate Domestic Service and Intimacy and Pleasure Skills.

There are not many details about the sort of thing these courses will have the male doing but it seems to me a course could be made for pretty much anything that requires the user to answer questions at the end.

So I was curious if there were any other courses that were currently being developed (if someone from dream lover labs would say that would be great) and what sort of thing would the ladies on here wish to see developed.

The three courses in development are the obvious ones but the possibilities here are pretty much endless

I would like comments from both males and females but as this is about male training and what the woman want I am really interested in what woman would want to see in the courses. It would be interesting to see if the comments from males are the same as females too

I not talking about anything that would require extra hardware like a set of scales that monitored and dealt with alterations in weight but things that could be done with just software.



By fgordon at 2010-10-24 03:56:21 Reply
Maybe a general manners course would be useful, too.

And another, for manners oriented towards the relation to the Mistress, both in public and in private:
"While in public, your mistress does/says this: ...
You answer: a)... b)... c)...".
I bet my wife would love this one :)

A way to customize the courses or add new ones would be a nice addition as well.
By sub3604 at 2010-10-24 12:29:21 Reply
Just had a thought when a course is started it would be possible to program a minimum time/amount of work to be done each day while doing the course failing to do enough work results in say a series of level 3 punishments (has to be more than you might get doing your allocated coursework)

This feature could easily be programmed in the software and made adjustable by the administrator and would mean it would stamp out skiving without the need for the woman to constantly check what has been done. It would even be possible to program in a call to start work at a specific time and a auto confine until the allocated days coursework was completed.

of course these should be selectable and adjustable by the administrator
By mtspaces at 2010-11-03 15:31:27 Reply
Here's a thought, how about a course in humiliation? The course could ask questions that males cannot answer or would answer wrong or can't answer fast enough, leading to eventual failure, perhaps to include bizarre tasks. Maybe it could contain an almost impossible way to succeed or pass, requiring many attempts to retest. Maybe after 10 or 20 attempts a couple of questions could "change" a cheat if you will, making it possible to pass but for the most part "failure is inevitable", with many painful reminders along the way (not for the squeamish)!

I think the ladies would have fun creating this and would certainly gloat over the "hell" we had to endure to pass this one, just to please them. Just the thought of taking a test that is too hard to pass sounds very exciting!!
By mtspaces at 2010-11-03 15:46:14 Reply
Here's another thought. How about a punishment series? A series of courses men should take for the sake of punishment? EG, when she got home all his chores weren't done to her satisfaction, so she wants him to take punishment course 12 which would help strengthen and sharpen his understanding of the importance of house work and what is expected of him, with reminders of why he is doing this. Another in the punishment series could be for attitude adjustment, another for disrespect, another for public obedience, another for failure to satisfy in the bedroom, etc (this could go on and on)
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