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Forums > Questions and feedback about DreamLover products > New to DL2000

New to DL2000

February 22, 2014 02:02 AM (4244 views)

I have recently discovered this site and this interesting DL2000 product.

For now, my male is locked in a chastity device six days a week.
Are there any risks for his health if I make him wear the chastity device and the DL2000 24/7 ?

I find “Leash mode” full of possibilities; can I set the DL2000 in “Leash mode” to do the following things ?
1. The male can move freely in the apartment but not leave it.
2. Leash the male at the desk for a set amount of time ?
For example: the male has to stay at less than 1.5meter from the computer and every 2 hours his has 5 minutes pause with his leash extended to the bathroom. This has to repeat until I turn it off.

Can I turn the “Leash mode” on and leave the male alone at home? What are the risks for a male in very good health ?

Do any ladies here use “Canine mode”, when do you use it and for how long?

Does the “Canine mode” forces the male to be on all fours or can he lie down and sleep? I'm thinking of punishing the male with keeping him in “Canine mode” for the night. In "Canine Mode" is it possible for the male to raise his body enough to pee in the toilet bowl?

How do you motivate the male to memorize “Silent commands” pattern and how many patterns can a male memorize.

Sorry for all the questions, this is new to me and there are a lot of aspects of the product that I do not understand yet.



By dreamloverlabs at 2014-02-23 08:55:52 Reply
The product is meant to be worn 24/7.

You can limit the male to an area within a certain signal strength of the receiver. It will not perfectly coincide with the boundaries of your apartment, though in most cases the job can be accomplished by setting the right signal strength, the only possible exception being if the male is behind walls (as wall reduce the signal strength).

There is no way to set a "timer" on the leash mode. It's on or off. You can control this remotely through your PC (or with the included remote control). If you can program in Javascript you can build "timed leash mode" functionality (but we cannot extend any help as far as programming goes).

Canine mode would not allow the wearer to sit to pee in a western style toilet.

There are 10 silent command patterns, 1 being taken up for the beginning of canine mode. 9 are customizable. Motivation for learning is up to the trainer, when a command is not understood, the pulse function can come in handy.

Please ask if anything else is unclear :)

By wolfgang548 at 2018-05-23 13:01:48 Reply
I'm a little curious about the lease mode feature regarding something no one has thought of bringing up. If she chooses to set the leash mode and restrict him to the apartment/house but can't leave it while she goes out for 1,2 or even 3 hours, what happens if a fire breaks out and he has to flee in an emergency?
By Personal Property at 2014-02-23 17:48:51 Reply
Hello MsCathN,

I have had my DL2000 for a number of years now and wear it pretty much 24/7. I have been locked in my device since Dec 23 of 2013 with no release of any kind.

The leash mode takes a little bit of time to set up but works well. I have a house that is made of concrete and when confined to the house I can freely travel through the house and go outside the door down the stairs but as soon as I put one foot on the gravel driveway I get zapped. That is where my invisible fence is.

When I'm confined to the computer I can only go about 3 or 4 feet and that's it.

I have been left in leash mode for up to 4 hours so far without any issues.

Do ladies use canine mode? They sure do. I was put in canine mode when I was in my office. Someone asked me what I was doing and I said I dropped my pencil. Lucky for me my mistress disengaged the canine mode because I would of had to stand up. Very close call!

Yes you can lie down in canine mode you don't need to be on all fours. As far as sleeping I have not tried that but you would roll over in your sleep and get a surprise I'm sure.

Pee in the toilet when in canine mode!!! I don't think so, as soon as you got up you are going to be getting zapped and I don't think you could pee while being zapped.

Silent commands you would be surprised at how fast the subconscious mind will pick this up when being zapped.

Go here to my web page for explanation of how I use the DL 2000

If you have any questions feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to try and answer your questions.

Cheers PP
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