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Forums > Male training > brealking a jelous husband

brealking a jelous husband

May 28, 2011 09:05 PM (10330 views)

I have had my husband in a chasity tube for 5 month and it put a end to the philandering. I had past boyfriends cheat on me and I never liked it, so knowing mine can’t even if he wanted to is a big plus. Now the tables turned and I'm the only one who can fool around. The problem is he still cops such a jealous atittude whenever I get around other men. Can I use DreamLover to train him not to make me feel so guilty..So I can feel free to have fun next time we go out and a cute guy ask me dance or tries to talk me.



By gguy-1 at 2011-06-12 09:08:26 Reply
Lezerella, You have made an excellent point here, but you have already solved the first part of the male problem, next is to eliminate that annoying jealousy. Once we as males learn that it is natural and benificial for you Women to have other men in your lives we can get used to it and even be of assistance to you. Get him involved for example have him help get you ready for a date by painting your toe nails or polishing your shoes, show him you value his opinion by asking him which panties are sexier. The key here is he should feel he is a part of your growth as a Modern alpha Female!!
By Bonky at 2011-10-07 14:09:47 Reply
Lezerella get out & about with other men show him you are in total control give him something to be jealous about.
By Bonky at 2011-10-08 15:34:17 Reply
Lezerella i take great delight making my husband jelous, i like to dress in one of my sexy leather dresses & long boots, then i go out for the evening with one of my boyfriends leaving hubby at home in bondage wearing a chastity device & but plug.I have a lot of fun cheating on my husband i enjoy being a bitch.
By spolarski at 2011-12-02 07:47:28 Reply
Lezerella, I believe very strongly in a wife requiring her husband to undergo enforced chastity, orgasm denial and jealousy control training under an extended male obedience training program. My second husband cheated in his first marriage and I was hurt by a cheating husband in my first marriage. As a condition of marriage, he had to agree to wearing a CB6000, to two-week extended denial periods, and to no masturbation and release, except by me. Further, he had to submit to jealous control training where he is not allowed to look at other women, while I am permitted to have extramarital affairs with other men as I wish. This was done, as he knows and agrees to, for him to understand the pain men inflict on women through their infidelity. Disobedience in our relationship, unauthorized orgasms or masturbation, and any sign of jealousy or attraction to other women are to be immediately punished. We have successfully used extended denial, bondage restraint, disciplinary strappings and electroshock to correct his behaviors. These are after-the-fact disciplines. We are discussing use of the Dreamlover Labs device for him to wear and be corrected real-time in observed testing and daily life situations. I believe very strongly in use of electro correction and positive reinforcement for men and do believe it would help in your relationship. My husband realizes he is human and will fail in his attractions and jealousies at times. We both have come to realize the value immediate correction in public settings would bring.
By msalexandrastevens at 2013-09-16 18:32:47 Reply
The jealous husband must be broken firmly and swiftly by the dominant wife. Put your husband into chastity and deny him normal sexual relations for one year to break his jealousy. Allow him no sexual penetration of you - only oral servicing of you and penetrate him using a strap-on. Take on a male lover and turn your husband into a cuckold forcing him to watch you be taken by another man, while he is bound and chastised. Place him into a forced-bi relationship with another male, where he is sodomized. These actions will break his jealousy.
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