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Forums > Male training > Chastity & the whip

Chastity & the whip

March 23, 2011 04:03 PM (8884 views)

My Mistress frequently used her whip to punish & control me, now she has me wearing a chastity device she said she dose not need to use her whip so much & when she gets me in to the Dream Lover 2000 she may not need to use her whip at all. Can any one comment on this dose the Dream Lover 2000 have the same effect as the whip or is it just more convenient for the Mistress. bonky



By saharaheve at 2011-11-26 22:53:47 Reply

I've used shock devices for some time now, and I can say they are splendid for public correction when a 3-8 ft whip would be out of the question. Around the home, they make excellent tools of "incentive." Finally, they are very good for punishment as well. Having said that, I still use my whip and my cane, when needed; they are simple tools that I'll never give up completely. Shock devices do make my life easier, however. When I want to summon a slave from several floors up, I need only chime the device or give the male a sudden jolt that's sure to get him scurrying up to see me as fast as he can—especially if he knows that there will be a horrible pain delivered to him every ten seconds until he alights at my threshold. Do you see what I mean by incentive, now? The slave will try hard to avoid negative stimuli given him, otherwise called "negative reinforcement." The end result? I end up having to wait less in order to get what I want. Things get done quicker when they know my hand is near the button. Don't get me wrong: my slaves are already enthusiastic, but this method eeks out every last drop of performance. When your males are living under that fear, they tend to have little incentive to daydream or get lazy.
By spolarski at 2011-12-05 17:49:45 Reply
In training a husband or boyfriend, there is no replacement for use of the bullwhip, single-tail whip, or strap for male punishment beyond maintenance daily disciplines. The psychological and corrective benefits to an uncontrolled male who needs immediate change, to an obedient male who wants atonement for what he has done, and to the female in control who most importantly deserves obedience and satisfaction cannot be overemphasized.
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